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The joys of having a girl ;)

So yesterday I learned a good lesson regarding teaching my daughter about her body. I’m not really sure what I expected as she got older but I didn’t really think that’d I have to tackle this many questions so early.

We were talking (while she was going potty) and she asked me why she had booboos on her chest. I calmly explained that those were not booboos but instead they were called boobs and girls had them for when they become a mommy to feed the baby (which she already knew as she’d asked all of those questions when I breast-fed her little brother Owen a few months ago). I didn’t think anything of it because she finished up her business on the potty and went along her merry way. Well we walked into the living room together and she proceeds to lift up her shirt and ask my hubby (her dad) “Daddy, do you want to see my boobs?”. His face was priceless!!! Of course the conversation ensued to why we don’t show our boobs to anyone other than mommy, etc.

Oh the joys and surprises everyday!

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