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Prayers for friends

Some of you reading my blog may know our good friends Dennis & Toni Garcia. Their faith is INCREDIBLE and I feel truly blessed to be able to call them my friends!

Toni has some medical issues that caused quite a few quirks in getting pregnant but after MUCH prayer and FAITH they were blessed last December with Miranda. Everything went smoothly with on a few scares during pregnancy; a car accident, swine flu, etc and she is BEAUTIFUL.

I ask for your prayers for them because God has BIG plans for Dennis, Toni & Miranda as He keeps growing their faith! Just a few weeks ago their doc found something in her skull that made them concerned and after a few MRI’s (one under anesthesia) they got the GREAT news that it is NOTHING to be worried about. Dennis and Toni stood tall and strong during this terrifying time and for that I KNOW God will bless them!

We love you Dennis, Toni & Miranda and I can’t wait to meet her (hopefully VERY soon)!!!

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