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Monday Morning Inspirations…

1. So I’ve referenced this book before but as i’m going back and journaling on what I underlined during the reading of this book I’m continuing to learn and LOVE the Holy Spirit!

Pick it up….it’s a GREAT read!

I’m passing my copy along…Laura Chapman you’ll be getting this in the mail soon 🙂

2. Bible time…Over the last few years I’ve tended to online actually open up the text when it’s referenced in a book I’m reading. I know that this is not the correct way to “hid His word in my heart” and have begun to change my ways. I heard about this challenge through blog I read of a church planter whom God is using to do great things in South Carolina He challenged his congregation to do this plan and I’ve started it.

I’m on day 7 and going strong…I honestly didn’t think I could ready 12 chapters in a day but it’s the New Testament and come on, Matthew & Mark both felt like I was reading the stories of Jesus as He walked this earth.

I’ve challenged myself to do this ON TOP of the books I’m reading/ studying through with my accountability partner. Our LTG (Life Transformation Group) is going through this together too!

3.  Challenge from the weekend. This weekend at ELife Clayton Walker, our Lifehouse pastor spoke and did a great job!!! Go Clayton!!! He challenged the church “If you are a believer, you are a harvester.” Where is your calling and what are you doing about it?!

4. AWESOME Video shared by a friend on FB:

Opener: 10th Anniversary from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

5. Countdown till the in-laws are coming to Lubbock….T minus 4 days 🙂 I LOVE my in-laws and can’t wait to see them on THURSDAY!!!! 🙂

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