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Wow, it’s been awhile…

So life apparently got too busy for me to keep up my blog so I’m going to try again 😉

Let’s see…Owen has had a double ear infection along with another round of bronchitis (in MAY) and we’re heading to the doctor AGAIN today because I think the ear infection is back. We finished antibiotics 11 days ago :(.

However he is MOVING like crazy…here he is trying to CLIMB up Addy’s big girl chair (she used to be so little in it).

Addyson is getting bigger and bigger (well intellectually- not physically) 🙂 She is getting taller but at 3 years 6 months she still only weighs 26 pounds (that’s with clothes ON).

The kiddos and I are heading to Memphis, TN for a quick (14+ hour drive) 2 week trip on Saturday (we’ll leave before the sun is even thinking about rising)  to see Nana & Papa, Grandmother Atkins, Grandmother Owens, LOTS of friends and of course my co-workers! We’re super pumped…Addy’s counting down the days!

A big decision has also occurred in our lives…I’m going to be a stay-at-home Mom starting June 8th. I am SOOOOO excited about this! Not excited about leaving my position at Speak and all the people I work with but VERY excited that I get to play with my kiddos ALL day EVERY day. For me that’s saying A LOT! I NEVER was the girl who dreamed about getting married, starting a family and staying at home all the time. For anyone who knows me I am a go, go , go type of person but for some reason God has clearly given me the desire to make my family a priority over my career at this stage in life and I am A-Okay with that 🙂

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