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Addy’s phrases…

So one of the gals in my LTG (Life Transformation Group) challenged me to keep a log of all the funny (sometimes embarrassing) things my daughter says so here it goes….

Addyson: When am I going to get a squirter thing?
(We were talking about going peepee 😉 )

Me: What do you mean?

Addyson: You know like Josiah and Mikey have to spray their peepee

Me: OH, well only boys have a squirter thingy…you know Owen has one but you don’t. Owen’s a boy and you’re a girl.

Addyson: Oh, well can I be a boy too 😉


During the 15 hour drive from Lubbock, TX to Memphis, TN this past weekend.

Me: Addyson look at that big building (driving through downtown Dallas)…the one with the big ball on top.

Addyson: That’s not a ball you idiot. That’s a bubble.

Me: Excuse me!

Addyson: (Louder this time to make sure I can hear her) That’s not a ball you idiot, it’s a bubble.

* I almost cut across 7 lanes of interstate interchange traffic at that point.


Addyson: Mommy can we ride one of those water motorcycle’s (We were getting ready to go out on the lake with my in-laws)

Me: Yup, sure. That would be fun!

About an hour later…we’re on the boat in the middle of the lake.

Me: Alright Addy, I’m getting my life jacket on and we can ride now (getting ready to switch with Mark)

Addyson: NO! The whale will swallow me up if I get in that big water!


That’s just a few to share with you! 🙂

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