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Belated pictures from Storytime at the Library

Here are some pics from last week’s story time at the library.

Babies at Story Time - Owen in front, Callie in back

Addy listening to storytime

Addy doing her craft at storytime


So this past week has been full of one illness after another. First Owen started teething along with what I now know was some kind of virus. He didn’t sleep, eat or stop fussing for 4 days straight. Right when I thought we were over it, Addy got sick 😦

I think we’re FINALLY over it today!! PTL!

Last week’s reading list…sorry I’m behind :(

Boom Chicka Rock by John Arcramabault

You and Me by Martine Kindermans

Martha Blah Blah

Madeline and the Cats of Rome

Katy Duck is a Catepillar

What A Party! by Sandy Asher

If Elephants Wore Pants

I Love the Rain by Margaret Park Bridges

Addy’s quotes

So here are some more great quotes from my growing daughter:

We were riding in the car, Addy was in the back looking at a magazine and she saw a pinata which she yells “Mom, it’s a piata”. It took us awhile to figure out what she meant. 🙂

We were at the mall tonight and my mom DeeDee says “Put that down Addy, it’s dirty” (she’d picked something up off the floor in a store). Addy replied “No, DeeDee it’s piscusting!” She meant disgusting but only Addy can make the word disgusting sound even more disgusting.

My 30th Birthday

Today was a great day! I had a great LONG run this morning then was surprised by my BFFs with a YUMMY girl’s only lunch. Spent the afternoon chillin & doing laundry then great dinner with my AWESOME hubby & kiddos! Then my mom showed up at our door!!! I knew she was coming but it’s still a great end to an amazing day!! Thank you to all who made it the vest 30th Birthday I’ll ever have!

Justin & Addyson at dinner

Owen at dinner

Weekly update

So this week we had a garage sale (which I posted about last weekend), Monday night prayer, Tuesday night we went to Wheatley Elementary School in NE Lubbock to bless the school & teachers with LOTS of school supplies, Wednesday we had some great friends over for dinner (Thanks Chase & Reagan for coming), and Friday night we had the wedding to attend (kiddos stayed home with a sitter).

Here are some pics that I’ve taken throughout the week.

Oh yeah I also started keeping another little gal during the week, Callie 🙂

Addy's Razorback cheerleading uniform...thanks Aunt Kathy!

Addy & Owen hanging out with me at the garage sale

Owen & Emerson playing

Emerson & Callie playing

Addy's calling somebody, can't remember who now 🙂

Owen standing up...growling at me 🙂

Addy's ready to go to Grandma's she announces

Is he a climbing daredevil or what??!?

Sassy dancer in her new dancing outfit...thanks Aunt Kathy

One more dancing outfit...

And one more...

Showing her dancing skills

Greg & Ashley Jackson

We were blessed to be a invited to Greg Jackson and Ashley Blair’s wedding last night (Friday). It was very intimate and therefore very personal to the couple. I spent a lot of time this week praying for this couple and as we arrived at the amazing home that the event was being held it began to sprinkle. There were very thick clouds in the sky so I was praying it would not rain on the outdoor wedding for these two. It showered very lightly for about 20 minutes, barely watering the chairs BUT the storm generated a BEAUTIFUL double rainbow in the sky right as the event was beginning. In fact Ashley said that that was the 2nd thing she saw as she started down the path towards the altar. The wedding was beautiful and I wish the happy couple great blessings!!

Greg & Ashley's cute invitations

All the staff guys showed up wearing the same thing - together too much??!?

Drivers License Renewal experience

Standing in line at the TX DMV…been here for 47 minutes and only 2 people have been called up:( this is ridiculous!!
We’ve been up here 3 times now & Justin still can’t renew to TX bc they’ve added another piece of required information to the list yet it’s not online on their required paperwork! I have to renew today because it expires tomorrow:(

This week’s reading list…

Bread and Jam for Frances by Russull Hoban

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes

Mouse Cookies & More by Laura Numeroff

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

Jellybeans and the Big Dance by Laura Numeroff

Do Princesses Scrape their knees?

Elizabeti's Doll

Meet Addy An American Girl

My Daredevil Boy

Trying to climb onto Addyson’s bed, using her Princess shoe box for a stool…oh me!

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