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Tubes for Owen

So Owen had tubes inserted in his ears this morning (EARLY). So far so good!! It was very difficult to hand him off but the nurses made it easy 🙂 Then after the procedure was over he was inconsolable for a good 20 minutes, that was the most difficult thing about the entire process. He was scared, confused, hungry and drowsy yet I couldn’t feed him, couldn’t make him comfortable or do anything it seemed to help. Finally, after puking all over me in the recovery room he began to calm down. He finally fell asleep on the way home, took an hour nap with dad on the couch and has been as good as new ever since!

Here are some pics of the pre-procedure day swim in the baby pool in the back yard.

Addy swinging in her swimsuit

Owen trying to climb out of the pool

Owen in the pool

Owen trying to eat the grass that has gathered in the pool 😉

We survived the tubes 🙂

Riding my Mickey airplane 🙂

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