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Weekly update

So this week we had a garage sale (which I posted about last weekend), Monday night prayer, Tuesday night we went to Wheatley Elementary School in NE Lubbock to bless the school & teachers with LOTS of school supplies, Wednesday we had some great friends over for dinner (Thanks Chase & Reagan for coming), and Friday night we had the wedding to attend (kiddos stayed home with a sitter).

Here are some pics that I’ve taken throughout the week.

Oh yeah I also started keeping another little gal during the week, Callie 🙂

Addy's Razorback cheerleading uniform...thanks Aunt Kathy!

Addy & Owen hanging out with me at the garage sale

Owen & Emerson playing

Emerson & Callie playing

Addy's calling somebody, can't remember who now 🙂

Owen standing up...growling at me 🙂

Addy's ready to go to Grandma's she announces

Is he a climbing daredevil or what??!?

Sassy dancer in her new dancing outfit...thanks Aunt Kathy

One more dancing outfit...

And one more...

Showing her dancing skills

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One thought on “Weekly update

  1. Paw Paw Rice on said:

    Woo Pig Sooie… like that Cheerleader uniform and the dancin’ outfits too.

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