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Videos from Addyson’s first soccer game

Click HERE for more videos from Addyson’s first Soccer game.

A little something on the side…

Here are couple invitations I made quickly over the last few weeks. I’m hoping to hone my skills and possibly launch this as a side biz πŸ™‚

Invitation to Monica's Baby Shower

Owen's 1st Birthday Invitation

Tea Party-We’re ready for Uncle Devin & Aunt Laura to be HERE;)

notice there are 4 place settings, ready for Uncle Devin and Aunt Laura

Last week’s reading list 09/22

The Real Princess A Mathematical Tale

Mother, May I? by Lynn Plourde

Ruby and Bubbles by Rosie Winstead

Zany Zoo by William Wise

The Wonderful thing about Hiccups by Cece Meng

Graddad's Fishing Buddy by Mary Quigley

ONE OF MY FAVORITES - Buleberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

Inch and Miles The Journey to Success by Coach John Wooden

THE FIRST OF MANY - Fancy Nancy Ooh La La! It's a Beauty Day

Great article about ELife’s new campus expansion

Read it HERE!

Experiene Life Building Update

Justin’s blog has updates for all the ELife building news: Click here for

Justin & Pastor Chris on stage making the announcement about the Bus Station Campus

Morning at the Fair

So I met some other moms & their preschoolers at the South Plains Fair on Friday morning @ 11am. They had free admission before 1pm, so I thought…perfect! Well it was opening day & not only did they have only ONE building HALF full of animals but the rides didn’t start until 1pm, hence the free admission until then:( so we tried to appease the children with the informational booths & vendors (w/o buying anything) until then but ultimately breakdowns occurred & we had all had our fill & therefore were heading out about 20 minutes before the magic 1pm. I’ve semi-promised a return trip with Daddy in tow sometime this week but we’ll see what the week brings! In the meantime they DID have a few baby chicks for kiddos to see & Addyson was brave enough to hold one so enjoy the semi-blurry pictures!

Addy getting the little chick in her grasp

Showing off the little chick

She was sooo happy to be brave enough to hold it πŸ™‚

Our first soccer game

Here are some pics from Addyson’s first soccer game

Dressed and ready to go

Notice the hands are ALWAYS on the hips πŸ˜‰

Addyson kicking the ball during warm-ups

And she scores!

The team all lined up

The STARTING line-up

hanging out on the "bench" after she played 2 quarters and declared she was done and ready to go home.

Fall=Allergies for Justin :(

So I have officially moved to sleeping on the couch due to the extreme sounds coming from the other side of my bed…and no they’re not “good” noises! The allergy bugs have definitely hit our home now therefore causing me to loose even more sleep than normal 😦
Ok, time to stop complaining & try to get some quiet sleep now πŸ™‚
Good night all!

Happy Anniversary to my little sister & her awesome hubby!

Two years ago today (on September 21st) I witnessed my sister all grown-up before my very eyes. I can not express the feelings I had as I helped her (along with her AWESOME friends) get ready to marry my now AMAZING brother-in-law! I love you Laura & Devin and I can’t wait till you come visit us in less than a month!!! Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!

Addyson & Aunt Laura before the wedding

Addyson is walking down the isle as the flower girl

Justin, me (Katie), Aunt Laura & Uncle Devin

Me (Katie), Addyson & Aunt Laura

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