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Grandmother Atkins comes to West Texas to visit

We’ve had a blast this holiday weekend with Grandmother Atkins! Justin’s 84-year-old grandmother flew here on Friday to spend a long weekend with us and I could not be happier!! I LOVE our family and am so excited that she has been able to come spend time with us in Lubbock!

We took her to Experience Life this weekend (our church) and she was a trooper! I know it is VERY different from what she experiences on a weekly basis yet she sung along and even filled out the First Time Guest card to get a free t-shirt 😉

She’s been a great playmate with Addyson and Owen and has cooked (some yummy veggies & fried chicken) & cleaned the kitchen even when I say “Just leave it Grandmother, I’ll do it” :).

She’s loved on us and I can’t say it enough… I LOVE my family!!!

Thank you Grandmother Atkins for coming to Lubbock to spend time with us!

Owen riding the horse at the park

Check out Grandmother's princess crown and shoes 🙂

Addy's putting on Grandmother's princess shoes

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