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Morning at the Fair

So I met some other moms & their preschoolers at the South Plains Fair on Friday morning @ 11am. They had free admission before 1pm, so I thought…perfect! Well it was opening day & not only did they have only ONE building HALF full of animals but the rides didn’t start until 1pm, hence the free admission until then:( so we tried to appease the children with the informational booths & vendors (w/o buying anything) until then but ultimately breakdowns occurred & we had all had our fill & therefore were heading out about 20 minutes before the magic 1pm. I’ve semi-promised a return trip with Daddy in tow sometime this week but we’ll see what the week brings! In the meantime they DID have a few baby chicks for kiddos to see & Addyson was brave enough to hold one so enjoy the semi-blurry pictures!

Addy getting the little chick in her grasp

Showing off the little chick

She was sooo happy to be brave enough to hold it 🙂

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