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November 2nd…

So day #1 is complete of the ‘New November’. Justin awoke with a “headache the size of Texas” which he contributed to sinuses & lack of caffeine (day 1). I too had a headache from no caffeine and had to look forward to a cranky 3 (almost 4) year-old little gal who woke up a total of FIVE times between 11:45 pm and 5 am. Today I hung a blanket over her half-circle window in her bedroom and we’ll see if that makes ANY difference or if we truly have a little one who just “isn’t tired, Mommy!”. So enough complaining ;). I’m trying VERY hard to keep my head about me when she keeps asking me for the little things like a piece of toast or macaroni and cheese instead of veggies and it’s only the SECOND DAY!! Prayers are needed in our house 🙂

So a few funny things that hav e happened recently that I haven’t blogged about:

Addyson had been trying my patience on Sunday mid-day as we were cleaning and cooking getting ready for our Halloween party for our friends and neighbors so when Justin came through the door I was telling her to just go to her room and chill out. Justin said, “Hey… what’s going on?”. To which Addyson replied, “Mommy’s frustreerrated with me Daddy because I keep getting her list longer”. Justin thought it was funny but it was simply very revealing to me:( I vowed then and there not to get upset with her when she is “in my way” helping because she simply doesn’t know any better. How I reacted only taught her that she wasn’t needed or wanted around at that time and I remember feeling that way in the kitchen growing up too so NO MORE!

Also today we were playing in Addyson’s room (all 3 of the babies were in there too) so Addyson decided we were all going to be princesses (except Owen was a prince). She wanted all the little princesses to wear crowns (we have at least 5 so it was just deciding which one would go to each that was the big decision). Once we were all ready she announced that we were all ‘good’ princesses but if anyone dared to press the magic button in the center of the table we would all magically change into evil princesses and Owen would have to kiss us all to break the spell. (We recently introduced her to Beauty and the Beast 😉 ). So anytime anyone got near the center of the table she would yell….”Watch out for the magic button!” I LOVE having a daughter with such a great imagination!

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