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3rd day

So today’s been interesting. Addyson’s not sleeping (once again) and I’m not sure what to do. I just looked at this article on How much sleep your child should get and we’re WAY off. Click here to read for yourself. So not only do we have a picky eater with digestive problems therefore she’s under-weight and very small for her age but now she’s getting MAYBE 9 hours of sleep a night and NO nap during the day. She’s about to turn 4 so I’m just trying to hope for better sleep soon (but truthfully I’ve been desiring that since she was 13 months:) ).

Back to eating healthy…last night I made baked chicken and sweet potatoe fries. Addyson refused to eat the chicken because it was spicy (it was shake-n-bake) and insisted that she didn’t like the fries. So we informed her that she had to eat at least 5 fries before she could eat ANYTHING else! That started the melt-down:( Justin was trying to talk her threw it when he threw out the “Addyson, you better be thankful for what you have. There are children that do not have any food to eat tonight and they will be hungry.”. To which Addy replied, “Where do they live, Dad?”. Justin said, “They live all over.” And then it came out…”Mom, can we bag this up and take it to those children because I don’t want it and they will.” I tried my very hardest not to laugh out loud.  Justin simply told her NO, you will eat the fries! She ended up eating them and liking them:)

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One thought on “3rd day

  1. This made me laugh. Addy is so quick. That couldn’t have been a more hilarious response regarding her food!!! LOL! When I used to talk to my mom about Josh’s sleeping habits, she told me that she once read: “really intelligent kids don’t need a lot of sleep.” Hmmm….I hope things get better. Once you get Addy to eat healthy, I’ll send Josh and Caleb over for the transformation too 🙂

    God Bless!!!

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