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Days 4-8

Well the last 4-5 days have been a huge blur. Addyson got pretty sick on Thursday with a virus & it brought to light some more digestive issues she’s been having so we headed to the doc. No new news except that I think we’ve found an encouraging way to promote her to “go” on her own. We’ve created a Potty Chart and who would know it but the first day of the potty chart she went #2 FOUR times all on her own (without us forcing her to sit there when we could tell she was in agonizing pain). The driving factor is that she gets a sticker on her chart each time she goes and if she goes 5 days in 1 week she get a surprise. If this works I’m going to kick myself for not doing it 2 years ago! Oh well if it works it works!

With the sickness we stuck to mainly liquids and foods that she would eat but so far so good she’s doing pretty good about eating whatever I give her and not throwing a fit for other foods. Justin, I am proud to say, lost 5 pounds in the first week of his new habits!! I am so excited for him because I know he’s desired to loose weight for a long time now but just not had the will power to do it. This time we are ALL with him!

I ran 15 miles, well 14.82 miles, on Saturday in preparation for my half-marathon I’m running THIS Saturday at Buffalo Springs Lake. I was really worn out and thirsty all day Saturday but other than that I was not sore or anything like I thought I would be especially Sunday morning. I ran 4 miles last night (Monday) and my legs were like lead but other than that I fell great! This is all gearing up for the White Rock Marathon on December 5th in Dallas. Please pray for me!

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