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Lots of book lists…back logged :)

The kiddos and I go to the library every week and get a bag full of new books to read. We don’t always go to the same library here in Lubbock (there are 4 locations) but we go to 1 of the 4 each week. I’ve been horrible about putting up the lists of books we get so I’m going to try and simply list the back log over the last month. Here it goes…

In no particular order:
Princesss says goodnight by Naomi Howland
Inch and Miles: the journey to success by Coach John Wooden
Woolbur by Leslie Helakoski
Dirty Joe, the pirate: a true story by Bill Harley
The little squeegy bug by Bill Martin Jr.
Laura Numeroff’s 10-step guide to living with your monster by Laura Numeroff
Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids by David Kirk
Snow Dude by David Kirk
When Giants come to play by Andrea Beaty
Penguins by Liz Pichon
My first Nutcracker
Max’s Christmas by Rosemary Wells
The three swingin’ pigs by Vicky Rubin
Cinderella by Marcia Brown
Katy Duck, big sister by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
On Christmas Eve
Princess with a purpose by Kelly Chapman
The grouchy ladybug by Eric Carle
Stable in Bethlehem: A Christmas counting book by Joy N. Hulme
The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds
Ladybug girl and Bumblebee Boy by David Soman
Twinkle, Star of the Week by Joan Holub
The Very Best Pumpkin by Mark Kimball Moulton
Scare a Bear by Kathy-jo Wargin
Firehouse by Mark Teague
Meggie Moon by Elizabeth Baguley
Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too? by Eric Carle
The Library Gingerbread Man by Dotti Enderle
Violet’s Music by Angela Johnson
Dottie by Erica S. Perl
Are you going to be good? by Carl Best
The Knight who was afraid to fight by Barbara Shook Hazen
Guess Who’s Coming to Santa’s for Dinner? by Tomie dePaola
Country Angel Christmas by Tomie dePaola

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