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Quick Christmas Break post

Christmas has been crazy fun!! We are in Memphis now (as I write this on the 29th of December) and the kids are having a TON of fun with Nana & Papa. Addyson even got a HUGE surprise today at the mall. I will post pictures and more details at a later date! Addyson & Owen both have been such an incredible blessing to us this season. I am such a lucky mommy!!

Addy has truly understood the meaning of Christmas as a time of giving and celebrating the birth of Christ while still enjoying the receiving part too 😉

I think her favorite gifts have been the most unexpected ones like the glow-up Barbie given to her by Mr. Lex & Mrs. Chelsey. Owen on the other hand has been a bit laid back with most gifts but really (literally) squealed as he opened the Little People farm with animals from DeeDee.

Well I have to run and join the fun but I’ll update with more details once we get back to Lubbock. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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