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Daniel Fast Days 2 & 3

So we’re 3 days in and I’m doing okay 🙂
I have had a horrible headache for 2 full days but I guess that’s what your body does to detox off of at least 1 Dr. Pepper a-day for the last year:) I’ve learned that not all food has taste naturally…salad without dressing has NO taste. I mean it has taste but just like a wet vegetable taste. Sorry to all you salad lovers out there!

Also I’ve eaten more naturally popped popcorn in the last 48 hours too…man that stuff is GOOD! Water too about 5 bottles a day, not sure if that’s normal but hey I’ve also lost 4 pounds in 3 days. Weight-loss is not really my goal in this but hey if it’s a perk I’m in!

I’ve used this time to truly think about God’s plan for us and asked Him to show me ways in which I need to improve my life. I’ve already seen (very clearly) two areas that I need immediate work on; parenting and grace. They kindof go together but are also very separate. I’ve been loosing my patience with my kids & sometimes my hubby so easily lately that I need to work on my communication and the way I go about speaking to them. Sometimes I need to get-over-it and walk away and sometimes I need to take a BIG breather before I speak. Both of these need an added measure of grace but specifically I need grace with my actions towards my family. Please help hold me accountable if you read this!

Back to the food part of the fast, I’ve been feeling pretty weak over the last 14 hours so I’ve prayed about it and I’m adding dairy back into the mix, so like eggs and cheese to help get me more protein and calories.

Well that’s about it for me today. Hope the next 17 days are as easy as the last 3 have been.

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