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Marriage is in the air…

So Friday night we had an amazing couple over for dinner. Justin has gotten to know Colby rather well over the last year and a half working & volunteering at Experience Life and once Colby started dating Christy I really wanted to get to know her too. In my honest opinion anyone who would be good enough for Colby must be pretty stinking awesome!! 🙂 He’s an amazing young man, his heart for the Lord is very contagious and he is making a huge impact on the Experience Life Staff and with our students. Christy and I have had a few great conversations and I found out we have quite a few things in common but we’ve never worked our schedules out to get together one-on-one:( Once they got engaged i vowed that we WOULD have them over so we just kept asking until the night worked out.

Addyson wondered who they were when I told her they were coming over for dinner so I showed her their “Save the Date” card which is hanging on our fridge and Addy’s first question was, “Who are their children?”. As I explained that they were not married yet and didn’t have any children Addyson followed it up with questions like, “Well when are they going to get married?” & “When are they going to have children” & of course, “How many girls are they going to have and can I play with them?”. So I told her when Christy and Colby got here she could ask them herself:) I think they took it very well when the questioning began immediately after they walked in the door:).

Check out their story…does not do justice to their incredible Godly spirits but Colby did a great job on the engagement story!!

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