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Marriage is in the air…

So Friday night we had an amazing couple over for dinner. Justin has gotten to know Colby rather well over the last year and a half working & volunteering at Experience Life and once Colby started dating Christy I really wanted to get to know her too. In my honest opinion anyone who would be good enough for Colby must be pretty stinking awesome!! πŸ™‚ He’s an amazing young man, his heart for the Lord is very contagious and he is making a huge impact on the Experience Life Staff and with our students. Christy and I have had a few great conversations and I found out we have quite a few things in common but we’ve never worked our schedules out to get together one-on-one:( Once they got engaged i vowed that we WOULD have them over so we just kept asking until the night worked out.

Addyson wondered who they were when I told her they were coming over for dinner so I showed her their “Save the Date” card which is hanging on our fridge and Addy’s first question was, “Who are their children?”. As I explained that they were not married yet and didn’t have any children Addyson followed it up with questions like, “Well when are they going to get married?” & “When are they going to have children” & of course, “How many girls are they going to have and can I play with them?”. So I told her when Christy and Colby got here she could ask them herself:) I think they took it very well when the questioning began immediately after they walked in the door:).

Check out their story…does not do justice to their incredible Godly spirits but Colby did a great job on the engagement story!!

Warm weather again…FINALLY :)

With 80 degree days we’ve been having we’ve gotten back outside and playing on our great swing set again!! I love that my kids love being outside!!!

Addyson in her summer dress & cowgirl boots πŸ™‚

Owen enjoying his swing too!

Addyson loves pushing her little brother!

Both kiddos swinging in the warm sun!!

Congratulations to my cuz Bradford!!! GO HOGS GO!!

So my cousins…wow I can’t believe they are old enough to be going to college much less to be playing FOOTBALL at the University of Arkansas! I remember when Brad was a little baby and I would visit his mom and dad in Conway, AR as they worked with college students at the University of Central Arkansas. They only had Brad at that time but quickly started expanding their little family and now they have FOUR teenage boys!! I LOVE my Aunt Cynthia (I love all my aunts and uncles but Cynthia’s always had a special place as the craziest one of all!!:) ) and I am so excited for her (and for Trey too)! I can’t believe that he’ll be going to Arkansas, in an OMG I’m so excited way!! I just pray that I’ll get to see him play LIVE someday. Congratulations to you Brad. I love you and am so proud of the incredible Godly man you have become and I can not wait to hear of all the amazing things that God will do in and through you at the U of A.

Here’s one of many little snippets you’ll find on Brad if you do a search:)

Cooking in our home

Since the Daniel Fast has been over Justin and I have continued to try and eat healthier meals while maintaining our very busy active lifestyle. It is NOT easy! I know that I have to make some MAJOR changes if we are really going to save $$, eat at home, and eat HEALTHY so I’ve decided to begin cooking our way through cookbooks. I know this may not be the most economical as we have a pantry FULL of food but most of it is JUNK:(. As I’ve thought/prayed about this I’ve thought about blogging my experience daily too. As you all know, if you are avid readers of my blog (hehehehe) that I am not the best at posting daily or even very often so this will be a challenge but I think if I really do this I’m going to REALLY do it.

When we made our weekly trip to the library this week I picked out a cookbook to start with. I’ve selected 5 meals from that cookbook and another cookbook that we already own. I’ll be cooking out of those for the next two weeks. Here are the cookbooks:

Jamie's Food Revolution

Rachel Ray's 365: No Repeats

Here’s a list of the 10 recipes I’ve chosen to cook over the next 2 weeks.
Fajita Beef Pie
Chicken Francese and Wilted Spinach
Southwestern Pasta Bake
Chicken Divan and Egg Noodle Bake
Chicken Fajitas
Ground Beef Wellington
Mini Shell Pasta with Creamy Smoked Bacon and Pea Sauce
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Spaghetti and Meatballs

More details to come once we begin:)

My little cuties!

Here’s a few pictures I’ve snapped recently that capture my kiddos in a great light πŸ™‚

They are both SO CUTE!!!

Owen - 16 months

Addyson - 4 years and 3 months πŸ™‚

Booklist for week of 02/17/11

Here’s the book list from today’s trip to the local library.

Rain Makes Applesauce

Tallulah in the Kitchen

Harry and LuLu

Monster's birthday hiccups

Grandfather's Journey

My friend Rabbit

Put me in the zoo

The Duchess of Whimsy: an absolutley delicious feast

Shrinking Violet

Hattie Hippo

How do Dinosaurs eat their food?

Puff, the magic dragon

Monkey Do!

1/2 Price Book Sale at the Lubbock Library

Last Friday the kids and I ventured out to the main Lubbock Library branch to meet some friends and to see what the 1/2 price book sale would be like. It was quite an interesting morning trying to look through thousands of books with 4 kids under the age of 5…especially for two book worm moms! I did find a few great discoveries that I purchased at GREAT prices that I can’t wait for Addy to get big enough to read.

One of my favorite series as a kid was the Mandie series and I found a box set in GREAT condition. I am anxious to see if Addy will enjoy them as much as I did.

Mandie and the Secret of my favorites out of the whole series!!

I also found the first THREE Harry Potter books. I know she won’t be old enough to read these on her own for a few more years but maybe we can read them together sooner:)

I also bought a few other fun books that she might enjoy reading when she gets to chapter books

The Trouble with Tink

Utterly Me, Clarice Bean...Addyson loves this cartoon Charlie & Lola

Valentine’s Day

We’ve never really celebrated this holiday around our house. Justin’s not a big V-day guy πŸ˜‰ in fact I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a gift for this occasion BUT our daughter LOVES these kind of holidays so we are no longer the family who ignores it:). Last Thursday we received our packages from MawMaw and PawPaw which started the holiday spirit for Addy. She & Owen received a box of chocolates each and 2 books to share, Whinny the Pooh & a copulation of Mercer Meyer books all in one. Addyson immediately wanted to dig into the chocolates, she is my daughter for sure:). WeΒ  then wrote out all of our valentines day cards and got ready to head to the post office to mail them all. Addyson wrote her name and a drew a heart in almost all of them. She LOVES to give gifts with a personalization.

So, all weekend we talked about Valentines Day as we were making cookies and other snacks for the Pre-K classroom party we were helping with for ELife. Addyson helped me make the cookies and she got to decorate a bunch too. She loves baking (and tasting…again, no doubt that she is my daughter:)).

Over the weekend I stole a few moments away to go get the kids something from Justin and I for Valentines Day. Just a little something but this morning when Justin brought out Addyson’s gift you would have thought we gave her the most amazing gift ever! We have decided that her love language must be Gifts. She hugged us both at least 5 times each and continuously thanked us over and over all morning. She received a card and a small little Brittany chipmunk stuffed doll. She LOVES that character from the animated movies. Every time she sees the movies or clips from the movies she says, “That’s me mommy…I’ll be beautiful like her.”

Owen enjoyed his little lion too but it was on the floor for the other little gals (Emerson and Callie) to play with within minutes πŸ™‚

So far today it’s been a great day and we’re only half-way through.

Happy Valentines Day to all. May God bless you with His love and grace today!!

Winter Storm 2011

So this storm has brought many challenges to our household! I’m READY for it to GO:)

First, Justin woke up Tuesday morning (after it had dropped 40+ degrees on Monday & snowed/iced all night) with severe pain on his left side. He couldn’t stand still the pain was so bad. So in all my wisdom I decided to bundle the kiddos up & drive him to an emergency clinic in single digit temps with ice/snow everywhere (school had been canceled). Luckily a friend graciously volunteered to keep the kids because I didn’t have a clue how they’d do with Justin in so much pain. Owen was already crying everytime Justin threw-up and Addyson had asked me mutliple times if he was going to die (it sounded like that when he threw up). So I dropped Justin off at the clinic, headed to our friend’s house to drop off the kids, and headed back to the clinic. Right as I pulled into Kelli’s house Justin called telling me they wanted me to come back and take him to the ER. They couldn’t do the scan they needed to do at the clinic. So I rushed (as quickly as I could in ice/snow covered roads) to get him and headed to the ER at Covenant Hospital. Thankfully the clinic had called and we went right back into a room. Within 30 minutes Justin had seen the doctor, gotten pain meds and was wheeled off to get a CT scan. Sure enough he had an itty bitty kidney stone. The doctor said it was the smallest size they could detect on the scan:). He also said that Justin had passed it almost 95% of the way down now so his pain shouldn’t be as bad from this point forward. At the time that was no conciliation for Justin. We were about to be discharged when Justin demanded another shot of immediate pain relief. We waited almost an hour for the doctor to approve it and then headed home with a prescription too:)

I took Justin home, got lunch, filled his prescription, picked up the kids and finally came home in out of the FREEZING wind and cold. Justin was OUT for almost the next 24 hours.

Wednesday morning we woke up to no hot water. I hadn’t an any opportunity to take a shower on Tuesday so this was NOT good news. I tried all day to figure out what to do but everything I tried was to no avail. So Wednesday night I turned the heat up to 73 in the house, opened all cabinets under sinks and left them dripping, hoping that this would help thaw it out. However the temperature dropped to 0 degrees during the night:( .

Thursday morning we woke up to NO water at all despite all that I had done the night before! Finally mid-morning as the temperature reached a whopping 12 degrees the cold water returned in our master bathroom only. So finally we got to heat water on the stove and wash in mildly warm water in the tub, yeah!! So about 30 minutes ago (2 pm) the cold water came back to the kitchen and other bathrooms so they are now dripping again. Praying that we don’t loose them again as the temperature drops back to single digits tonight.

Needless to say I am READY FOR THIS STORM TO GO AWAY!! The snow was pretty but it was too cold to play. The ice was great but not fun to drive on. God’s mercy however has been amazing through this week and I look forward to looking back and laughing this all away soon!!

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