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Do you Tweet?
Did you know there is actually at Twittonary?
Did you know if you use all 140 characters of Twitter than it is called a Twoosh?
Or if you send a Tweet while “Under the Influence” you’ve actually sent at Dweet?
What about Twitterrhea? The act of sending too many Twitter messages…I follow a few who suffer from this 🙂
Do I follow-the right people? Do I follow the Twitterati?
Did you know that when you Tweet you tweet into the Twittosphere?
What about hastags? Hashtags are commonly used to create buzz, many tweeters use it for easy search on common topic. Do you use hastags?

I have been a mild Tweeter for almost a year now and have enjoyed being able to follow celebrates, pastor’s, etc and not have to be worried about being their “friend” but simply enjoy reading their thoughts. I also follow some great coupon/discount tweeters that have helped me save on groceries, clothes, travel, etc. If you don’t already…time to start!

Here are some great people/bloggers to follow if you want to begin:
@everydayfood – Everyday Food Magazine
@goodhealth – Heath Magazine
@couponmom – A Coupon Cutting Mom
@coolmompicks – A great blogger too!!
@Wholeliving – Whole Living Magazine
@bettycroker – Betty Crocker
@dealsplus – Deals and Coupons

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