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Quick trip to Fort Worth

So this weekend we made a quick trip to Fort Worth to find an apartment to move into in April. We were blessed to be able to stay with some friends in Keller and Addyson had a blast getting to know her old friend (from the womb) Mia 🙂

We were successful in finding an apartment for our family to live in while making the transition to Fort Worth and awaiting the sale of our home in Lubbock.

We will be living at The Heights at CityView off of Bryant Irvin Rd.

Here’s an image of our floorplan:

We'll be on the 2nd floor with our garage under us.

I’m excited because it is a larger apartment then I thought we would find AND its VERY close to the back pool on the property.

Here are some pictures from the quick 2 day trek 🙂 I ready for it??

Owen picking flowers at the new apartments

Book for the trip - GREAT read! Newberry Award winner!

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