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Life in Lubbock

So as you know by now we are moving away from the fair city of Lubbock, TX and back to the BIG city of Fort Worth. While we are excited to go begin our new adventure we are very sad to leave some very important and amazing things here in Lubbock. I’ve made a list below so enjoy!!

1. Experience Life – we’ve had a blast here and have really enjoyed investing our lives in the people here!! I’m so proud of all the work my hubby accomplished while working here in Lubbock!

New Downtown Campus for ELife (pre-construction)

The sign announcing ELife's plans to build a main campus in SW Lubbock.

A picture of an ELife service in 2010

A photo that captures the essence of the 2009 Easter Egg Drop

2. Amazing friends – so God has truly blessed not only Justin and I with great friends in Lubbock but our kids have made life-long friendships too! Here are few pictures of just a few of those whom will truly be missed!

Addyson on left, McKinnley in middle and Kennedi on right...three peas in a pod! November 2010

Addy and McKinnley - Halloween 2008

Addy and Levi - Summer 2010

Taylor and Owen - July 2010

Addy and Ayden - July 2010

Callie and Emerson

Kennedi and Addy at the Science Spectrum - March 2011

Drew and Owen - January 2011

3. Prairie dogs and jack rabbits – we haven’t had the pleasure of having any prairie dog problems but jack rabbits have been our yard’s demise.
4. Driving ANYWHERE in town in less than 15 minutes
5. Tumbleweeds – ALL OVER THIS PLACE 🙂

The pile at our fence in February 2011

6. Knock-Addy-over wind speeds
7. Sunshine nearly every day – the kids LOVE to play outside when the wind doesn’t blow them over!

8. Wind/dust storms –

Dust storm picture 1

Dust Storm Picture 2

Hard to see but there are HUGE windmills in the distance.

Having fun…

Here’s a cute little picture I captured this week of Owen playing at Chik-fil-a.

And here’s a picture his daddy is proud of 😉 Owen decided he wanted to dress up as Snow White when Addy took it off.

proof HE was putting it on and taking it off


Diva in training

So I’m not really sure how between Justin and myself we birthed a girly girl like Addy BUT somehow God did it. I have to mandate her to wear pants/shorts at anytime other bedtime. As we were getting ready to go out for a quick errand the other day I put her in the following outfit and she announced to Justin and I that, “Pretty girls DON’T wear pants! Boys wear pants!” Oh me I’m in for it in the years to come I’m sure:(

As you can see she's SO excited that I'm taking her picture in UGLY PANTS

Change is good…

Justin and I wanted to let you all know that we will be moving to Fort Worth, TX as Justin has accepted a position as the Executive Pastor at McKinney Church in Southwest Fort Worth. We’ve made this decision though much prayer and God has given both of us an amazing peace throughout the process. I want to thank all of our friends and church family here in Lubbock for being so incredible to our family over the last 2 and a half years! We will miss you all and can’t wait for everyone to come and visit us in Fort Worth!

Justin did an awesome job summing up our thoughts in a letter to our friends and the other staff members at ELife so I thought I’d share parts of the letter below:

After much prayer and with a heavy heart, Katie & I wanted to let you know that God has called us to leave the Experience Life staff and begin a new ministry.  I will be taking a position as the Executive Pastor at McKinney Church in Fort Worth, TX.

I can not express to you how much of a pleasure it has been to serve by your side in the advancement of God’s kingdom over these past few years.  I truly believe that Experience Life has the best staff in the nation.  I am honored that God has blessed my life and given me the privilege to be a part of this movement.

With that said, I am reminded that Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”  We are sad to be leaving an incredible church and so many dear friends, but we are excited about the future.  We are excited about our future ministry at McKinney, and equally excited about the future of Experience Life.

As we leave, please know that Experience Life has become our church home, and we look forward to coming home whenever we can.  Better yet I pray that you will consider us your missionaries.  We covet your prayers as we take the story of eLife and what makes it special to another church.  We trust that your message and example of radical prayer will help further the kingdom in Fort Worth, TX.

I ask you to please pray for my family in this transition.  Pray for our hearts as we move away from friends we love.  Pray for our home to sell and a quick transition so my family can be together in one place as soon as possible.  Pray for McKinney Church and my ministry there to be fruitful.

I take comfort in knowing that we are not moving too far away.  I expect to hear from you all often, and will be upset if any of you visit DFW without saying hello.  I also have confidence in our staff and this church to know that Experience Life will not miss a beat.  I have been in ministry long enough to know that when God calls someone away, he sends those to replace them who are perfectly positioned for the next season.  I look forward to continue hearing the stories and watching from a distance, as eLife’s brightest days are ahead.  I look forward to coming back to Lubbock in order to celebrate together what God does at Jones Stadium.

We love you all!

This transition will be fairly quick so please join us in praying for an easy transition for the kiddos, sell of our home, and God’s provision in providing us a great new home in Fort Worth.

March Madness 2011

YEAH!!! The Memphis Tigers have made it to the BIG DANCE!!

I don’t know how long they will last but HALLELUJAH!


New Booklist


The Dragonfly Pool

Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand

The Raft

Do Kangaroos Wear Seat Belts?

Grandpa Gazillion's Number Yard

Rocko and Spanky have company

Owen…still climbing

So yesterday was finally warm and pretty enough to go outside in the early evening again. I can’t wait for it to be warm ALL day and not just in the afternoon!! Anyway I put him in the swing and he swung for awhile then I let him get down and run around the yard for a bit so of course his big sister decided he needed to be ‘taught’ how to climb UP onto the playground’s top area. He can now get up there all on HIS OWN. No more carefree play times outside with me sitting working in the house:(

Climbing boy

My Addy-girl is growing up too fast :(

Thought I’d share a few pictures of my BIG girl throughout the years…I was cleaning them off my phone/camera and got a bit nostalgic yesterday:(

Sweet girl - September 2008

Getting ready to drive to Lubbock - October 2008

Ready for the summertime 🙂 2009

Addyson at the pediatric gastro doc in August 2009

Halloween 2009

Addyson at Uncle Gary's farm - 2009

She LOVES to swing!

Artsy gal!

Play-acting like me...glasses and fixing a bottle for her baby

Addyson has dressed herself- September 2009

Addyson Christmas 2009

Sweet girl!

I'm going to be a BIG SISTER 🙂 - March 2010

Fourth of July 2010

Big Sister Addy & Little Brother Owen

Addyson is THREE!

February 2011

Spring Cleaning – Bathroom

Here’s my advice for Spring Cleaning your Bathrooms…ENJOY! No pictures this time 🙂

1.   15 Minute Bathroom Cleanup.
This will get rid of trash and laundry, enabling you to deeply clean the room. Don’t do the floors in the 15 minute cleanup. We’ll do that in a later step.
2.  Dust down the ceiling and corners.
Consider if the walls in your home need to be washed. Check here for information on how to clean some wall surfaces. Dust and clean all wall art. Be careful when cleaning framed art and photographs. Never spray cleaner or water onto the frame. The liquid can seep behind the glass and damage the pictures. Instead light wet a clean cloth to wipe the frame and glass.
3.    Dust the vents and fans.
Dust the outside of vents and fans. You may need to use a gentle cleanser mixed with water and a cleaning cloth. Take down light fixtures and gently wash and dry them before replacing.
4.    Take down draperies, curtains, blinds, etc, to wash or have cleaned according to the directions.
5.    Dust down any blinds and other window treatments. Dust down and wash windowsills and corners. Wash the inside and outsides of windows. Take down and rinse off screens, before replacing.
6.    Scrub the shower and tub.
Don’t forget fixtures. Launder or clean your shower curtain and replace the shower curtain liner. Clean shower doors. Dissolve soap scum buildup with commercial cleaner or natural cleaners. Do not use lemons and vinegar or other acidic cleansers on tile grout. The cleansers will eat away the grout.
7.    Scrub down the toilet.
Don’t forget the handle, crevices on the outside, and underneath.
8.    Wash the inside and outside of medicine cabinets, linen cabinets, etc.
9.    Wash down the sink and fixtures.
10.    Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your mirrors. Since your spring cleaning, use cotton swabs to scrub in tight spots on your sink.
11.    Shake out bathroom rugs.
Launder them and hang to dry.
12.    Sweep and mop the floor.
One of the best ways to get a floor REALLY clean is to use a rag or towel while on your hands and knees. If this is not an option try going barefoot and scooting a large towel around the floor with your feet. It provides more contact and pressure with the floor. Press gently, and be careful and slow. Even though this is the last step, the floor is not the best place to rest.
13.    Empty and wash out the trash can.
Lining the trash can will save time when it needs to be emptied, and help keep it cleaner longer. You can buy small commercial trash sacks, or use leftover grocery sacks and help recycle.

1.    Make sure to leave the window open to ventilate the cleansers you will be using.
2.    If you like singing in the shower, try singing while cleaning it. It will help pass the time.
What You Need:
•    Dust mop (preferably with a long handle)
•    Step-ladder
•    Cleaning cloths
•    Small bucket with handle
•    Sponges or stiff brush
•    Cleansers of choice
•    Broom and mop or towel
•    Plastic sack to line trash can

New Book List – 03/02/11

Here’s our book list for this week:

The Princess Knight by Cornelea Funke

Don't Be So Nosy, Posy! by Nichole Grant

The Graves Family Goes Camping by Patricia Polacco

Think Cool Thoughts by Elizabeth Goodwin Perry

Katy Duck, Center Stage by Alyssa Satin Capucil

A crazy day at the Critter Cafe by Barbara Odanaka

Stella, princess of the sky by Marie-Louise Gay

Amelia Bedelia bakes off by Herman Parish

Miles and Miles of reptiles by Tish Rabe

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