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First trip to the Fort Worth Library

So we’ve had quite a time trying to become Fort Worth citizens (by getting our library cards). I loaded up the kiddos on Tuesday morning to head downtown to the BIG library to get our cards and get our first round of books only to park (1/2 a block away), pay the meter for one hour, and trekked up to the library entrance in the double stroller only to find out that the library hours had changed and they didn’t open until NOON! It was a few minutes after 10 so the kids and I had a stroll around downtown instead :). We loaded up and headed to another library hoping that it would be open but nope, no such luck:(.

Needless to say when we got home I looked online for their business hours and we were ready to go the next morning (after 10). So when we finally got to the library yesterday morning and registered for our THREE library cards (Justin wasn’t with us) we checked out the following books: (we were only allowed 1 per person for the first check-out).

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