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Easter weekend

DeeDee came to visit us in Fort Worth for the first time this weekend. Addy and I drove over to the Dallas Love Field airport to pick her up on Friday morning. We had a great time! I will share some of our fun through pictures below.

Owen playing at Chik-fil-a

Ridgemar Mall play area - Addy LOVES it!

Eating lunch at their own little table at the mall

Addy and DeeDee decorated some eggs!

Addy and DeeDee

Addy, Deedee and Owen

Fort Worth Stockyards

What the boys do while the gals shop.

Our little Cowgirl!

DeeDee bought Addy a real Cowgirl Hat

Learning to ride...haha

Waiting on the cattle drive to start


Addyson awaiting the start of the Cowtown Easter Egg Hunt

teams preparing for the 4-5 year old Egg Hunt

TONS of people

The madness begins

Addy's her cowgirl hat because we didn't bring a basket

Look Mom!

Easter morning (with bow in hair)

And finally a smile...we removed the bow, apparently it caused her pain to wear it.

And Attitude

Easter Sunday

Reading the Easter Story in a sticker book form...perfect ending to the Easter day!

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