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Book list for 05.11.11

Oldie but a goodie!!! Addyson's never seen it:)

Owen picked this one up out of the baby books box and carried it around the ENTIRE time we were at the library saying "Quack Moo"!

Swimming time

Here are some pictures from our fun swimming filled weekend!

Addyson's ready for the pool!!

Addyson's doing it ALL BY HERSELF!

All alone in the water!

Owen wanted to be all by himself too...seriously he would tell us NO TOUCH!

Mayfest 2001

So we decided to head out to one of Fort Worth’s big Annual Festivals this weekend to see what all the fuss was about and had a BLAST! Addyson and I were Duck Race Champions (pictures below), there were TONS of things for the kids to do including crafts, food, playgrounds, obstacle courses, etc. Both kids had a blast!

Here’s the official picture link from the Duck Race website:

Owen and Daddy looking at the ducks before the race.

The Duck Race Champion in her gear πŸ™‚

Justin and Addy building something at the wood working station.

Face painting time for Addyson

Face painting time for Owen

Owen's lightening bolt

Addyson's stretching out for the obstacle course

Look at her go!

Working her way across the beams

Swing rope time!

Owen loved playing in this water would spring up spontaneously all over. He got SOAKING wet but had a blast!

Fun weekend with my family

So last weekend I got to spend the weekend away from my hubby and my kiddos to head down to Houston to watch my brother-in-law, Devin, compete in the USBC (United States Barista Championships). He won his region (Northwest) a few months ago earning him the trip to the Nationals. I hadn’t seen my brother, Isaac (who lives in Houston) since last August and I hadn’t seen my sister and her hubby, Laura and Devin, since last October (the live in Portland, OR). So we all took advantage of this trip to make it a family event. So my mom flew into Fort Worth and we drove down to Houston on Thursday night. Friday morning we met my brother at his house and took the bus downtown to meet my sister at the competition. I am not a coffee drinker (Dr.Pepper all the way for me) but I learned A LOT this weekend about coffee, its origins, the different tastes it can have, etc. Devin made it to the semifinals but didn’t make it past that but we had a blast and I am SO glad we did it!!
Here are some pictures of our fun weekend and the competition.

Devin preparing for his showtime...jamming on the ipod πŸ™‚

And he's READY!

Go Devin Go!!!

And he's just shooting the breeze with the host:)

Still talking... πŸ™‚

Isaac bought us a YUMMY Tex-Mex lunch at Chuy's in Houston. Thanks Bro!

Devin's partner at Coava, Sam doing his thing!!

the crazy picture my mom makes us take all the time πŸ™‚

If any of you want to learn more about this competition here’s their site for your convenience.

New book list 05.04.2011

Here’s our new book list for this week. We also took advantage of the MANY DVDs they have to borrow for 7 DAYS!

Peter Pan- Addyson's never seen the original Disney movie and is watching NOW while I'm typing this πŸ™‚

Winnie the Pooh...trying to get my kids ready for the movie coming out in theatres this SUMMER!

chicken cheeks

I am NOT Going to Get up Today! by Dr. Seuss

Incredible Me!

I can read with me Eyes Shut!

Bedtime for Mommy

Happily Ever Emma - this is a Chapter book that we are going to read at 'rest time' every afternoon.

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