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Museum & Water Gardens

So even thought Justin & I lived here before there are still SO many things to do here in Fort Worth that we never did or even knew about. Justin planned an outing this weekend that was a blast and FREE!

We headed downtown to the Fort Worth Fire Station Museum. It was actually a Fort Worth history museum which was small but cool. We hopped back in the car to head to the other side of downtown to go to the Water Gardens. I wasn’t sure what this was but was up for it anyway. We loved it. I seriously wish I had found it sooner!

Our little Cowgirl at the Museum

A HUGE Buffalo head at the museum

Fort Worth used to be called Panther City

Entrance to the Water Gardens

The Active Water pool

It is HUGE

Justin and Addyson start down into the Active Water Pool

Owen watching Daddy and Addyson walking in the bottom

There they are!

Daddy and Owen down in the Active Water Pool

We're all heading back up to the top

Aerated Water Pool

Quiet Water Pool

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