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First doctor visit in Fort Worth

So today I took Addyson to the doctor for her ‘New Patient’ appointment. I called around and got her into what everyone told me was a GREAT practice to get into. I couldn’t get her into see any of the doctors that had been recommended but surely if 3 out of 6 doctors are highly recommended then this one would be good right?
I have to say this was the WORST doctor visit I have had in almost 4 years! First, we had to wait over AN HOUR. Addyson was fine because they had a lot of puzzles and books but Owen and I were loosing it! So when we were finally called back and Addy was weighed in (30.0 lbs exactly), measured (40 inches exactly), checked her hearing and her eyes and placed into a room we didn’t even get the door closed and the doctor came in. I was so glad except that it didn’t take him long to realize we weren’t who he thought we were. He was in the WRONG room! So we waited another 20 minutes in the room before the Medical Student came back into ask us a few questions while the doctor was doing something else. So she sat down and started talking but as soon as Owen started screaming I could tell she was more interested in checking her boxes than really finding out what was going on with Addyson.

The doctor finally came in after the med student had been gone for another 5 minutes. He walked in, asked me 3 questions checked Addyson’s vitals (nose, ears, throat, heart, etc.) and then said, “So you don’t have her previous medical records/ immunization records and can’t remember what meds she took for RSV/Pnemonia two winters ago or the names and results of all her gastro tests, is that correct?”. I said, “Yes. I apologize but I have requested the records and apparently they haven’t made it to your office yet.” To which he replied, “Well don’t you think as her mother you should write this kind of stuff down and remember it a little bit better for situations like this or a possible emergency?”. It was all I could do not to cry right then and there. I didn’t say anything and neither did he instead he handed me the check-out slip and said, “Come see me if she gets sick but hopefully we won’t see you till you get her flu shot in September.”

I don’t even know how to respond to a question like that! Of course I probably should have it all written down but I’m not stressed about all of that so I guess you could say that I rely on the professionals to keep up with all of that for me. Also I know all of the very important/life altering things that have occurred to Addyson like when they thought she had CF. I can tell you every detail of those few months of doctors visits, etc. Or when they did her endoscopy/colonoscopy, that is also a very detailed description I can bring to memory anytime! I’d like to know ANY mother who can name EVERY antibiotic her child has EVER taken. I would crown her queen :).

Owen was screaming/ crying for the entire last 30 minutes we were at the office so the nurse was nice enough to give BOTH my kiddos lollipops.Probably our ONLY highlight from today’s outing!

End of story is that I was praying we would find someone similar to our INCREDIBLE doctor in Lubbock and I now know that doctors like Dr.Motheral is VERY few!! Moral of the story, if you have a great doctor DON’T LOOSE them:).

The Castaways

The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand

So I LOVED her book titled, The Island, but this one was while entertaining and a good summer (time filler) read it really lacked the story-line for me. This book was also written from multiple perspectives but it was too much. If you want a good summer time filler then I recommend it:)

It’s official – Brad’s a RAZORBACK!!

Here it is for all who want to see…my cousin Brad Shearin is an Arkansas Razorback!!! He’s there for summer workouts so if you see him tell him ‘HEY!’.

Woooooo Pig Sooie!!

Fort Worth Zoo

So today we made our first trek to the Fort Worth Zoo! We purchased a year-long Membership so we can definitely head back as often as we want! Here are some photos from the day! Both kiddos had a blast!

Ready for the ZOO!

Hanging out waiting on Daddy to buy the passes

Pretty Parrot

Flying Leemur

They have this recreation of Dinosaurs there until July 10th. They were throughout the Zoo and they were animated. They were COOL!!

Another Dinosaur


"This is how big I am Mom!"

Entrance to the Kangaroo area

Dino - up close

Owen and Daddy looking at the animals


Sloth Bear on his way for a close-up

Up close and personal

He would blow the leaves down and eat them


One HAPPY boy!


Justin and Owen

Owen was out before we got out of the parking lot

Addy made it about a mile :).


Verse of the Day

I subscribe to the Verse of the Day through and I wanted to share today’s verse with you:

I know that especially on Saturdays this is very hard for me to do with everything that goes on in our homes on our big family days! Hopefully this will be a great reminder to you as well that we are to slow down and Be Still with our Maker!! Have a great day!

School time = Time out chairs

So Addyosn and Owen started ‘school’ on Monday, see my blog from earlier in the week for more info. Addyson loved it on Monday and was telling me everything she did and didn’t do so I assumed all was well. However, I received a call from the school’s director yesterday afternoon requesting my presence for a quick meeting before I picked the kiddos up from school. She mentioned that Addyson had spent quite a few minutes in Time Out thus far that day and was in fact in Time Out right then in HER office. I was very concerned but tried to stay calm as I awaited the time to go pick both of them up. I arrived 15 minutes early to meet with Laura to find out the our daughter had KICKED a TEACHER! Not only did she kick her but she attempted to kick her and missed so after she was placed in the Time Out chair and the teacher turned her back to walk away she got out of the chair and kicked the teacher good this time :(. When I asked Addyson why she said she was just really mad. The teacher was fine and wanted us to brush it off but I was mortified. Laura (the director) said she simply wanted to know what we did to punish her at home so that they could try to maintain consistency. We talked and I really hope that Addyson will do better with time. Any suggestions???

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

So when you read a book you know how you picture the characters in your head, what they would look like, would sound like, etc. Well I have to say if I didn’t know that the character of Michael Haller was played by Matthew McConaughey in the movie The Lincoln Lawyer (shown on the cover here), I would NOT have picutred Michael Connelly’s character as him although I’m sure that when I see the movie I’ll agree with the casting director. I was picturing someone like David Schwimer which is strange because Michael Haller is not a comedian at all. Oh well…besides that I enjoyed the story-line, lots of surprises and was a well-written lawyer/defendant banter. I’m not sure however that I would recommend this book. I’ll let you know for certain after I see the movie 🙂 This might be a better movie than a book.

Memphis Fun Days 7 – 11

So the remainder of our Memphis trip was filled with family stuff. On Thursday we had lunch with Grandmother Atkins, met some of my old friends for an afternoon play time at chik fil-a, and Justin drove to Memphis to join us for the remainder of our trip. Friday was a family fun day for us in Memphis; girl day at the mall and driving around our ol’ stomping ground. Saturday was all about getting ready for Ruby Duby’s big SURPRISE party at Papa and NaNa’s house. We had such a blast as Jason, Shannon, Nicole, Nathan, Sage and Laney joined our family crew at the house along with lots of extended family and friends to celebrate the BIG 90 with Grandmother Owens. Sunday we simply hung around with family until we had to make the long trip back to Fort Worth. Here is a picture of one of the many fits and rants we experienced from the back seats along the way. Oh and notice the blanket to his side…we officially have a blankie that has to be with him most of his time now.

And so it begins...

He can scream with the best of them

How can you stay mad at that face?!?

First Day of school in Fort Worth

Addyson dressed and ready for school

Backpack on!

Back view- her lunchbox is clipped onto her backpack

Elmo backpack on...ready to go

Am I ready Mom?



Mockingjay (Book #3 in The Hunger Games Series) by Suzanne Collins

Okay…I have to say I was SO looking forward to this finale and I was a bit disappointed :(. Don’t get me wrong the story was GREAT and I was glued to the book so much that Justin finally said, “What is it with these books? You’ve had your nose in them every available second for a week now!”. But without ruining the ending for those of you who will take my advice and read the books I’ll just say it didn’t end the way I thought it would but isn’t that the sign of a good book/writer that she surprises you at every turn! All in all I HIGHLY recommend these books to anyone old enough to read the three 300+ page books but take my sister’s advice and DO NOT start reading the first book without at least the second nearby and available!

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