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Fun Weekend

This weekend we went to the zoo, park, swam (A LOT!), and went to the Fort Worth Fourth Celebration. We had a great weekend so I thought I’d share some pics. Enjoy!

Monkeys at the zoo



Merry-Go-Round at the Trinity River Park

Addyson and Owen on the Truck

Owen on the Turtle

Owen on the Horse

Addyson climbing the Dinosaur

Addyson on the turtle

Cow in the shade 🙂

Addy on one of the many water activities - it was 105 outside!

Funtimes Mom!

Soaking wet and still SO HOT!

Trying to keep him in the shade


The Postmistress

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

This book was a great story of war in a way that I feel was new & intriguing.

Here is a synopsis:
What would happen if a postmistress chose not to deliver the mail?

It is 1940. While the war is raging in Europe, President Roosevelt promises he won’t send American boys over to fight.

Iris James is the postmistress of Franklin, Massachusetts a small town at the end of Cape Cod. She firmly believes her job is to deliver and keep people’s secrets, to pass along the news of love and sorrow that letters carry. Faithfully she stamps and sends the letters between people such as the newlyweds Emma and Will Fitch, who has gone to London to help out during the Blitz. But one day she slips a letter into her pocket, and leaves it there.

Meanwhile, seemingly fearless radio gal, Frankie Bard is reporting the Blitz from London, her dispatches crinkling across the Atlantic, imploring listeners to pay attention. Then in the last desperate days of the summer of 1941, she rides the trains out of Germany, reporting on what is happening to the refugees there.

Alternating between an America on the eve of entering into World War II, still safe and snug in its inability to grasp the danger at hand, an a Europe being torn apart by war, the two stories collide in a letter, bringing the war finally home to Franklin.


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