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Funny things from our kiddos

So here are a few HILARIOUS things our kiddos have done recently:

We were getting ready to leave the apartment the other day and Addyson was on her own timeframe…not willingly joining us a the stairs to head out. Justin was standing at the top of the stairs telling her to put her shoes on and come on or we would leave her here all by herself. This was after at least 5 warnings and kind requests to do what he had asked. She looked at him, stood up, put her hands on her hips and said, “That’s fine! I’ll just call the POLICE!”. I had to leave the room I started laughing so hard!


Owen is in the stage were he repeats EVERYTHING like a parrot!! So I was not shocked when we were in Target walking around in the toys area and Addyson yelled out, “Barbies”. That was immediately followed up with a repeat (in perfect English) of “BARBIES!” from Owen. There was a man standing at the endcap of the next eisle with his son who commented, “Man his dad has his work cut out for him!”


A few zoo trips ago I took a picture of a Zebra and it happened to be the best angle I could get at the time which was its rear end. Owen constantly wants to look at the pictures on my phone and always finds that one (yes, he can scan through them all on his own) and says, “Zeeebraaa POOOOOPOOOOO!” Its all well and good except when you’re in public and your almost 2 year-old starts screaming POOOOOOOPOOOOOO at the top of his lungs!!


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