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Someone has a Birthday coming up…

I LOVE Birthdays and now that I’ve gotten over the 30 hump I’ve decided to embrace my Birthday again so I thought I’d share with those of you who care, what I’d like to gain on my Birthday.

1. Running Gear – I feel like I’m always needing new running gear but when you run 20+ miles a week you tend to wear your gear out quickly! Here are some specifics I’ve been looking at:

Arm Sleeves – these are a new Accessory for runners!
Running Skirts – I’d LOVE to have one but they’re the same price as 2+ shorts…so a want not a need!

2. A cover/protector for my Kindle (Justin gave it to me when he got an iPad). I have the 6″ Display 2nd Edition.

3. Amazon $$…I’ve become an addictive reader again and am loving the Fort Worth library but would love to get to reading on my Kindle more :).

4. A house 😉 Just kidding…sortof!

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