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School Update

So I wanted to give you an update of school for the kiddos.

Addyson LOVES school and is excited every morning to “go and learn more words”. She talks and talks and talks about Backpack Bear which is their little character that “teaches” them new things (it’s associated with the online learning they are doing at home too so we watch backpack bear sing songs and read books at home too). So I shouldn’t be surprised to see this month’s newsletter (shown below) and see Addyson featured loving on Backpack Bear. I am so proud of her for diving in and doing very well!

Owen enjoys the activities they do at school but not the act of going to school. Once we’re there and at the door the teachers have learned to coax him with play-dough or coloring and he goes right in. He loves to color and make stuff and he is the big talker in the classroom too (they tell me).

I’m so proud of both my kiddos and all they are learning about God and how to love His creation!

Cheetah Class Newletter for October

You can also check out Addyson’s class online by clicking HERE and Owen’s class online by clicking HERE.

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