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Trip to Aunt Laura & Uncle Devin’s

We had a blast at Aunt Laura and Uncle Devin’s house! Owen LOVED the dogs, Torres & Oso. He liked telling them to “follow me boys” & “sit now”. If we were out and about around town he would ask to go to Laura’s house to see Oso & Torres, it was soooo cute. We did a ton of fun stuff while we were there: watched Aunt Laura run her 4th marathon (she did AWESOME!!!), tried “sushi dip” or soy sauce and rice for the first time (he just loved the soy sauce on its own), and walked all around to see the great city that Aunt Laura loves. We also watched Uncle Devin play a game of soccer and ate some yummy meals from Aunt Laura’s kitchen! We got to see the famous Coava shop and see Uncle Devin do his thing behind the counter making yummy beverages!

I will have to say I was very impressed with Owen’s flying skills on the way to Portland. We shared a seat on our first leg (from Dallas to Austin) and then thankfully we were granted an extra seat for Owen for the 4 and a half hour trip to Santa Cruz, CA. We landed there for our 3 hour lay-over and he got to run through the whole airport (including sneaking back into the security check-point area as I was chasing him down). We finally boarded for Portland on a full flight so Owen had to sit in my lap again for the hour and a half trip to Oregon. He did great!

We arrived in Portland and Aunt Laura was waiting…Owen wasn’t too sure at first but warmed up real quick when we got to the house and there were DOGS there. He loved playing with and bossing around the dogs. He learned very quickly to tell them to “sit down now” and to “come here boys”. He would head out of the room and say, “Follow me Torres and Oso”.

The next morning we were able to see Devin in his element at Coava. Check them out here: . We had a great cup of joe and headed out to walk to the waterfront. It was a bit chilly for us Texans but we stuck in there :). We then headed back to the car and went to the Marathon location to pick-up Laura’s gear for the big race day on Sunday. We ate some Burgers from Burgerville and headed back to the house to chill for a bit. Devin had an inter mural soccer game that evening that we enjoyed for a bit then we had REALLY good pizza at a little local place there. We had a sweet corn pizza that was probably one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had.

We hung out at the house on Saturday to give Laura a chance to rest and relax for the big race on Sunday. We had some really good fresh pasta thanks to chef Devin! Oh yeah and I got to go to the Nike Outlet store and stock up on some winter running gear too!!

Sunday morning we awoke EARLY and headed to the race. We walked and walked and walked and cheered and cheered and walked and walked and cheered and cheered and walked and cheered…you get the jist ๐Ÿ™‚ She did great!!! We got to see a few of her friends too which was great, I hadn’t seen them since the wedding 3 years ago. We ate lunch from a little place downtown then headed home. Later that evening we went to some friends house to watch the Packers game and got to meet some more of the Coava family.

Monday we relaxed again at the house and Laura’s friend Ashley (who also ran) came over for a bit. Laura made a great lunch of Chicken Spaghetti (just like we had growing up) while we watched some non-cartoon tv while Owen napped. Later, we went for a little walk to loosen their muscles and get some VERY good icecream at Ruby Jewel. For dinner we headed to a Sushi place downtown where Owen had his first taste of “Sushi Dip” (soy sauce). He kept saying, “More dip” and Devin had a fun time feeding it to him.

Tuesday morning we got up and around, packed and headed out to see Devin at Coava before we flew out. Laura took us to a great little bagel place for breakfast and then we headed to the airport. We had one REALLY long flight with 3 different destinations in store so when we got to the airport and there was a little play area I took full advantage! We stayed on the same plane the entire day and Owen did great considering. He fussed quite a bit at take off and landing but was good during the in-between and finally fell asleep after we were in the air on the second leg from San Jose to Austin which was a huge blessing!

Overall we had a GREAT trip and we miss Laura and Devin very much (and the dogs too)!!! I am so proud of them both and look forward to watching them grow-up even more ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy of our time in Portland!

Reading on the way to the airport Thursday morning

Hanging out on the flight to Portland

Blowing his nose on the plane ๐Ÿ™‚

Washing his hands on the plane

Reading on the plane...we had a LOT of plane time ๐Ÿ™‚

Eating at the airport during our lay-over

Aunt Laura and Owen hanging out on the waterfront

View of the sub at the waterfront

Watching Uncle Devin play soccer

Watching TV at Aunt Laura's

Playing with Torres - he loved playing with and bossing the dogs around

Owen and Oso...Owen liked to try and touch his nose. Oso didn't really like this much...

Big smiles


Here comes group 'C'!!!

They did it!!! YEAH for Laura and Ashley

Laura chillin' the day after the race

Owen's first try at "sushi dip" (soy sauce)

Good-bye breakfast with Aunt Laura...great bagel place!!

Playing at the Portland airport before we took off for our 7 hour run of flights home

More fun stuff at the Portland airport

FINALLY concked out on the longest flight leg from San Jose to Austin.

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