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Owen turns 2!

So two years ago today I was blessed with a little addition to our family that will forever change my life. Owen David was born! He is the cutest little guy I’ve ever known and I can’t wait to see him grow-up into the man of God that I know he will be!

How would I describe Owen this year…well here it is in three words, Adventurous Little Sponge!
He is beyond adventurous, he has no fear! He will jump off a jungle gym, climb up a rope ladder, run out the front door into the parking lot of our apartments, and he will hide (as quiet as a snake) for LONG periods of time without making a noise only to laugh hysterically when you finally find him. While he is little for his age (following in his sister’s footsteps on the growth charts) he is packed full of energy! He loves to use his little legs to RUN everywhere.
His favorite phrase to say right now is, “Follow me…I show you…”, and he takes your hand to show you whatever he has discovered. He is always learning, you can just see his little brain churning all day long as he uses new words and learns to do new things (most of which his big sister teaches him). He LOVES animals! He can name almost any animal AND tell you what sound it makes. He’s learning all about the different kids of dinosaurs too so much so that I bought him a t-shirt with a dinosaur on it and when I put it on him the other day, he said, “It Stegosaurus!!”, I just knew it was a dinosaur and sure enough, it was a Stegosaurus. He has also discovered television and at times asks for some shows by name. (We can already tell we’ll have to limit his tv time very soon!) His favorite shows (that he asks for by name) are Wild Kratts, Dino Dan, and the Backyardigans. His favorite food is “caroni and cheese” (Macaroni and Cheese) and he will eat an entire package comapred to his sister’s half portion (if we’re lucky).
He’s also very cute (his sister’s words). His eyes just melt your heart (not only mine but his teachers at school too). The best way to describe him is to give you a glimpse into his life this past year so here are some pictures Addyson helped me pick out!

My baby boy - July 2010

Hey Mom!


Scarecrow - Halloween 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

1st Birthday!

Christmas 2010

Addy taught him to climb ladders

First haircut - June 2011


Cute climber

Loves to swing

PawPaw's hat - Summer 2011

Just a glimpse at the pouty face

My little reader

watching tv

First day of school - Fall 2011

Yup reading AND the Backyardigans


TCBY time!

Showing his Razorback spirit and his new cowboys boots

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