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Happy 5th Birthday Addyson!

So FIVE years ago today I was blessed with a beautiful blessing that will forever change my life. Addyson Lee was born at 7:22 pm weighing in at 6bls 11 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. She has been beautiful since that day and I can’t wait to see the woman of God that I know she will be as she continues to grow!

How would I describe Addyson this year…well here it is in three words, Smart Sassy Princess!

Addyson has not only reminded me just how incredibly smart she is throughout this year but she has amazed me with her memory. She remembers things we’ve said years ago with perfect clarity and reminds us so! For example she reminded me just the other day that I told her when she was 3 years old that we could have her 5th birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese. I remember saying something to that effect but she reminded me of the conversation and that I promised :).

She also continues to amaze me with all that she is learning at school. She is enrolled at the Early Learning Center at McKinney Church and is loving it! She is learning to read and write as well as learning how to be a peacemaker all with a biblical foundation. We are so proud of her!

Addyson has also developed a new love that she is quickly mastering so that I have no doubt that she will soon surpass me in my knowledge base ;)…the computer. She loves to play on the computer and I am thankful for sites such as, ,, etc. They are not only fun for her but educational. She also enjoys doing her homework on the computer which I love too because I don’t get any complaints out of that portion, the writing portion is a bit challenging for her sometimes.

She is sassy with a capital S! She can ALWAYS think of a come-back or an argument to get her way but it is also one of the things I love about her!! I’m not sure her teachers love it as much as I do though ;).

She is also definitely a princess in training…we’ve attempted to tone this down as she’s gotten older but her inner princess shines through as we drive in the car and she wants to sing “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun!” over and over or listen to the new Shane and Shane song, “The One You Need” and talk about how Jesus loves her no matter what because she is his princess! I LOVE IT! She still comes out of her closet with a ball gown or princess dress-up dress on and immediately goes to Justin and twirls to get a compliment and then asks me to take her pictures because she is BEAUTIFUL!

Addyson we love you very much and are SO thankful for your personality and beauty and I can’t wait to see you grow into an amazing woman of God!

Addyson (who was almost 2 at the time), Me & Aunt Laura

Beauty even when she was 2 🙂

Addyson enjoying the supplies we are giving away

Beautiful princess

Addy's Razorback cheerleading uniform...thanks Aunt Kathy!

Addy in the car and ready for halloween

tooo early 😉

Balance beam time...she does great...and EVERYWHERE we go she wants to walk along the sidewalk this way

doing her smart!


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