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Amazing Race

So I’ve never been a huge reality tv fan (except The Bachelor and Bachelorette) πŸ™‚ but this season I’ve watched each episode of the Amazing Race and I’ve loved it. I’m currently routing for the Snowboarder Boys (Andy & Tommy), they’ve done great, been great competitors (thus far) and have openly and often talked about their faith in Christ!
I also like the Former NFL player and his wife (Marcus & Amani), they’re just nice people!

Click here if you want to watch a snippet and get hooked πŸ™‚

Christmas gift thoughts…

So many of you family members far away, well all of you are far away but a few have already asked. Here are some thoughts for the kiddos for Christmas gifts.

If you buy or order or intend to buy any of these specific items PLEASE let me know ASAP so I can let everyone else know too πŸ™‚

Clothes – Shirts/Sweaters Size 5
Pants/Skirts Size 4 (MUST have the adjustable waistband)
Here are some things SHE picked out that she would like to wear:
A+Look from Children’s Place
What a Jewel from Children’s Place
Stripe it Up from
Fashion Walk from
She can NOT wear skirts to school on Wednesdays due to PE and she needs to wear shoes she can run/play in everyday at school so nothing too fancy. Other than that she’s a fashionista so go crazy πŸ™‚

We’re planning on purchasing a Leap Pad for her birthday but we’re just going to get 1 game (most likely Tangled or the Princess game) at this time so any other games would be good ideas. The Leap Pad takes the Leapster Explorer Games (we have none left because they were all in her case when our car got broken into last spring). She LOVED the Leapster and I think this will be even better as she can download books to read on this similar to an iPad.

We’re also planning on getting her an Our Generation Doll (in place of a $100 American Girl Doll). They are the same size and are sold at Target for MUCH cheaper plus you can buy more clothes at Target OR we can start buying patterns and making clothes (this is something I want to start doing with her once we get settled into a house). She gets the American Girl Doll magazine/catalog and really wants to have one just like her so I’m on the lookout for a doll with brown hair AND brown eyes “none of her other dolls are just like her!”

Here are some other items she’s shown interest in:
Books: Any book that is Scholastic Reader Level 1 or any kind of Reader 1 book, even some Reader 2 books. She’s becoming more and more interested in reading by herself.
Barbies: Specifically the Hairstyle Barbie…don’t know why but she’s asked for this one specifically a few times now.
Board Games: I’ve just listed a few that I think she would enjoy at this stage in life; Monopoly Junior, Twister, Old Maid , and Go Fish.

Clothes: Size 18 month or 24 month/2T but he’s not quite into the 2T’s yet but will be sooner rather than later.
Shoes: Size 5 or 6 toddler boys
Here are some thing I found that I like:
Little Man Big Fun
Argyle All the Way
Check Him Out
Cool College

The Dinosaur Train Book – this is one of his favorite shows and he got an actual train set for his birthday so I know he would love to read it too.
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight – we have How Do Dinosaurs Go to School and he likes to look at it often.
How Do Dinosaurs Eat their Food – another good Dino book
How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten – I think you’re getting that he likes Dino books πŸ˜‰
Richard Scarry’s Best Book Ever – another great one

One more thing…Zoobooks would be a great option too! –

Like I mentioned before we purchased the smaller of the available Dinosaur Train sets for his birthday and it was a hit so ANYTHING Dinosaur Train would be great!
We did get him the Interactive character Buddy but there are LOTS of others out there that are available.
Animals, here’s a bucket of Jungle Animals that would be a great addition to our toy collection.

The Land Before Time (ORIGINAL)
Cars 2
Kung Fu Panda 2

Booklist for 11.03.2011

A Princess, a Pirate, and One Wild Brother by Cornelia Funke

Cornelius P. Mud, Are you Ready for School? by Barney Saltzberg

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love you? by Jane Yolen

Zip. Zip...Homework! by Nancy Poydar

Curious George by Alan J. Shalleck

Amelia Bedelia's First Field Trip by Herman Parish

Fancy Nancy and the Splendid Speller by Jane O'Connor

Splat the Cat Good Night, Sleep Tight by Rob Scotton

Tinker Bell: three Fairy Tales by RH Disney

The King's Stilts by Dr. Seuss

Fancy Nancy at the Museum by Jane O'Connor


7 Billion…

According to BBC News we have officially hit 7 BILLION people in the world. WOW!!!

TIME Magazine (online) did a special report on 7 Billion. Here’s a link, it’s a pretty interesting read.

For example, did you know that there are no American cities in the Top 10 Fastest Growing cities in the world. We think that we are the most powerful nation but on #s alone we are tiny.

Also, how is this milestone effecting our environment. Here’s a clip from one of the mini-articles by TIME:
“It’s not sheer population growth that is stressing out the planet β€” it’s what those people are producing and consuming. It’s notable that much of the concern over population growth tends to focus on sub-Saharan Africa and the developing world. That may be where population is growing fastest, but poor Ugandans and Nigerians use a tiny proportion of the world’s resources compared with rich Westerners, even if our populations have begun to stabilize. Here’s how Jared Diamond β€” of Guns, Germs, and Steel fame β€” laid out the issue in 2008:

The population especially of the developing world is growing, and some people remain fixated on this. They note that populations of countries like Kenya are growing rapidly, and they say that’s a big problem. Yes, it is a problem for Kenya’s more than 30 million people, but it’s not a burden on the whole world, because Kenyans consume so little. (Their relative per capita rate is 1.) A real problem for the world is that each of the 300 million people in the U.S. consumes as much as 32 Kenyans do. With 10 times the population, the U.S. consumes 320 times more resources than Kenya does.”

Pray like Jesus

Pray Like Jesus

So this past Sunday we were challenged to Pray Like Jesus, anytime, anywhere, anyway. They handed out these cool little watches for everyone to wear in place of your current watch or as a watch (if you don’t normally wear one) so that you can be reminded to Pray Like Jesus through out the day. Justin got Addyson one and it has not only been a great tool to help teach you that you can pray anytime and about anything BUT it’s helping her learn the concept of time. So if you live in the Fort Worth area and want one, swing by the McKinney Church office and they’ll get you one!

Happy Halloween

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