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New Years Resolutions



So excited about this movie…

So I’ve posted about this movie before and I know that this will NOT be the last post I make regarding it’s coming…CHECK IT OUT!

The Heart of Unconditional from Harbinger Media Partners on Vimeo.

Owen singing the ABC’s

Here’s a cute little video of Owen’s attempt at singing the ABC’s. ENJOY!!


As a child my mother gave me a new ornament each year.

I received an angel from the Mary's Angel series each year.

I found this to be a great tradition to carry on with our children so this year I FINALLY found a series I love so, I started with Addyson. This year she got the back-logged ornaments from 2006 (year she was born) to this year’s ornament.

Her 2006 Ornament

2007 Ornament

2008 Ornament

Still looking for the 2009 year ornament ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Everywhere I went (even online)was sold out of the 2009 year ornament.

Her 2010 ornament

2011 Ornament

I can only hope that this tradition means as much to Addyson in the many years to come as it did to me.

Merry Christmas

Last night we got ready to go to church for a Christmas Eve service. Addyson and Owen got dressed in their Christmas best.

Today was a great day of celebration of presents and giving!

Christmas Pj's

Owen woke up around 6:30 so I went in and got Addyson up too so that they could see the presents together for the first time. As I went in the wake Addyson up she said, “Is it morning?” and I said, “Yes” then she asked, “Did I sleep good all night?” I said, “Yes, very good” (you see the getting to sleep and staying the bed was a problem last night). She then started to sit up and said, “Wow, Mom that was the quickest night ever!”. – I love her!! ๐Ÿ™‚

They were SO excited to come out of their bedrooms to see:

LOTS of presents and BIKES!!

Owen immediately wanted to get on his and ride it NOW!

Spiderman helmet and all

The next 30+ minutes were spent unwrapping presents. Here are few highlights:

Santa's stash

Addyson got Owen Boots

A Richard Scary book - Best Book of Words

A cute outfit/dress

A camera just for Owen

the destruction zone

And this is how the rest of the morning was spent ๐Ÿ™‚


Happy Birthday Jesus

— Happy Birthday Jesus
I’m so glad it’s Christmas
— All the tinsel and lights
And the presents are nice.
But the real gift is you.

— Happy Birthday Jesus
I’m so glad it’s Christmas
— All the carols and bells
Make the holiday swell
And it’s all about you.
— Happy Birthday Jesus, Jesus I Love You.

Jesus' Birthday Cake - rainbow icing to remember God's rainbow least she knows her Bible ๐Ÿ™‚

Merry Christmas Eve…

So yesterday DeeDee flew into town and we had a great afternoon! We made a Gingerbread House and watched The Polar Express. DeeDee will be here with us for the next week and we are super excited!

Here are some pictures for the adventures of December 23rd, 2011.

Addyson and DeeDee posing

Making the Gingerbread House

Making Gingerbread men for the house

The final product

Christmas trip to the Children’s Museum

So yesterday we went to Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (aka the Children’s Museum) for a little out-of-the house fun. The kids LOVE the museum (especially the free play areas).

This visit I decided to try out the planetarium shows so the kids and I went to see “One World, One Sky” a Sesame Street production…”Join Big Bird, Elmo and their friend, Hu Hu Zhu as they introduce children to the night sky and very basic astronomy. Recommended for very young audiences (ages 2 to 7), and the very young at heart!”

It was a cute little show in the very dark round planetarium…I was a bit worried but luckily it wasn’t very full and the people who were there had small children too. Addyson sat still in her seat and asked lots of questions while Owen watched the movie/show while walking around on the seats beside us. Thankfully he was quiet but still doesn’t seem to sit still UNLESS Wild Kratts is on, then he’s as still as a statue!

We played, rode the virtual horses (a favorite of Owen), and looked at the Christmas decorations on the big tree in the lobby. Overall it was great outing and they both did great until it was time to leave and then Addyson (as always) wanted to stay for 5 more minutes…and proceeded to stomp her feet and tell me she wasn’t leaving!! Before we got to the car however, she apologized for her attitude and quickly changed her temperament as she was reminded that we were going home to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yes, I bribe! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the pictures from our outing!

Museum Christmas Tree

Cattle round-up exhibit

Riding the horse together

Addyson riding

Owen pulling the reins to get started

Grocery shopping

having a blast with the sensory stuff

banging on the computer... I'm sure they love us ๐Ÿ™‚


Booklist 12.21.2011

Here are the books we’ll try and make last for the next few weeks (over the Holiday break and travels):

Flap Your Wings

The Very Fairy Princess by Julie Andrews

Sitti's Secrets

How Robin saved Spring

Timothy and the strong pajamas

Ballerina! by Peter Sis

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks

Backyardigans and the Beanstalk

Richard Scarry's best busy year ever

Maisy's Snowy Christmas Eve

Hattie the Bad

The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree

Where, oh where, is Santa Claus?


Oh, the thinks you can think!

I Wish that I had Duck Feet

Tugg and Teeny

Little Critter's ABC's

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

Princes Buttercup: a flower princess

Big dog...Little Dog

Wilbur's Prize


Getting ready…

So I came in from Owen’s room, putting him down for a nap the other day and Addyson was sitting on the couch with her ‘baby’ giving her a bottle to get her ready for bed too. She said she was getting ready to be a mommy too ๐Ÿ™‚

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