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Gaylord Texan at Christmas

So this past Friday we went to see the Christmas lights and decorations at the Gaylor Texan in Grapevine, TX (also known as the Christmas capitol of Texas). We had a great time looking at the lights and beautiful decorations throughout the drive and walking through the Gaylord.

The drive to the Gaylord was an eventful one…Justin and I almost always disagree about the best/fastest ways to get to places throughout the metroplex but we always discuss and end up in the same place so this time I let him take the LONG way around and it proved to be the LONG way! We got stuck in stand-still traffic for about 20 minutes (due to an accident) and it provided just enough time for Owen to get bored enough to gag himself and puke all over his clothes and seat so I climbed back into the backseat and tried to clean him up as best as I could. Of course I grabbed the back-up backpack to take on the day’s journey (because it is bigger than our everyday bag for Owen and I wanted to pack snacks and extra stuff for the trip) but because I changed to the back-up bag I did not pack an extra set of clothes for the little guy (there’s a standing outfit in his everyday bag). So not only did we have to sit in traffic but we had to swing through a Wal-Mart along the Highway route to the Gaylord. It was soooo busy that I ran into Wal-Mart, grabbed 2 shirts that were stacked on sale and a pair of pants and stood in line for 20 minutes to check-out. I couldn’t believe they were that busy a full week before Christmas.

Once we arrived at the Gaylord we parked, dressed Owen in his new clothes, and loaded up in the double stroller to head across the way into the Christmas beauty that is the Gaylord. I’ve included all the pictures below from our time there. Some of the really unique/cool things we saw were the life-size Gingerbread house (with details below), the reindeer all carved out of trees and bushes throughout the walkway, the huge tree in the center, Santa, and a quick look at the Riverwalk area. Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Facts:

2100 Gingerbread Bricks
300 Gingerbread Men
1000 Taffy Pieces
500 Old Fashioned Strawberry Sticks
1600 Candy Canes
100 Pounds of Fruit Candies
50 Pounds of Chocolate
40 Pounds of Gold Coins
1000 Pounds of Sugar
50 Gallons of Icing

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