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Christmas trip to the Children’s Museum

So yesterday we went to Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (aka the Children’s Museum) for a little out-of-the house fun. The kids LOVE the museum (especially the free play areas).

This visit I decided to try out the planetarium shows so the kids and I went to see “One World, One Sky” a Sesame Street production…”Join Big Bird, Elmo and their friend, Hu Hu Zhu as they introduce children to the night sky and very basic astronomy. Recommended for very young audiences (ages 2 to 7), and the very young at heart!”

It was a cute little show in the very dark round planetarium…I was a bit worried but luckily it wasn’t very full and the people who were there had small children too. Addyson sat still in her seat and asked lots of questions while Owen watched the movie/show while walking around on the seats beside us. Thankfully he was quiet but still doesn’t seem to sit still UNLESS Wild Kratts is on, then he’s as still as a statue!

We played, rode the virtual horses (a favorite of Owen), and looked at the Christmas decorations on the big tree in the lobby. Overall it was great outing and they both did great until it was time to leave and then Addyson (as always) wanted to stay for 5 more minutes…and proceeded to stomp her feet and tell me she wasn’t leaving!! Before we got to the car however, she apologized for her attitude and quickly changed her temperament as she was reminded that we were going home to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yes, I bribe! 🙂

Enjoy the pictures from our outing!

Museum Christmas Tree

Cattle round-up exhibit

Riding the horse together

Addyson riding

Owen pulling the reins to get started

Grocery shopping

having a blast with the sensory stuff

banging on the computer... I'm sure they love us 🙂


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