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Merry Christmas

Last night we got ready to go to church for a Christmas Eve service. Addyson and Owen got dressed in their Christmas best.

Today was a great day of celebration of presents and giving!

Christmas Pj's

Owen woke up around 6:30 so I went in and got Addyson up too so that they could see the presents together for the first time. As I went in the wake Addyson up she said, “Is it morning?” and I said, “Yes” then she asked, “Did I sleep good all night?” I said, “Yes, very good” (you see the getting to sleep and staying the bed was a problem last night). She then started to sit up and said, “Wow, Mom that was the quickest night ever!”. – I love her!! 🙂

They were SO excited to come out of their bedrooms to see:

LOTS of presents and BIKES!!

Owen immediately wanted to get on his and ride it NOW!

Spiderman helmet and all

The next 30+ minutes were spent unwrapping presents. Here are few highlights:

Santa's stash

Addyson got Owen Boots

A Richard Scary book - Best Book of Words

A cute outfit/dress

A camera just for Owen

the destruction zone

And this is how the rest of the morning was spent 🙂


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