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Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

So over the past 3 weeks Justin and I have taken some time off of all electronics to focus on family time and time in prayer together so here’s one of many posts that I drafted while we were on our electronic fast:

So the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has been in town over the last few weeks and we’ve taken full advantage of our FREE admission to the Stock Show portion thanks to our Fort Worth Museum of Science and History membership. We’ve gotten to go twice, once as a family and once with our friends. Both time the kids had a great time! The first time we went was on a Friday morning and it was BUSY. There were TONS of cattle, sheep and Llama’s that were getting ready for showings and competitions so we made our way through 4 FULL buildings of cattle which all smelled of daises and roses, of course. Addyson was done with the smells so when we went back on Tuesday afternoon with some friends she was determined not to go into the cattle buildings. We didn’t really have a problem because they were all empty. We did however go to the petting zoo this time with our friends and the kids got to into a pen with goats, bunnies, llamas, and chickens. Owen had a blast! Addyson was skeptical at first but ended up having a good time too.

Here are some pictures from our two visits to the Stock Show:

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