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House hunt post number 1002344524375342…HAHA!

So over the past 3 weeks Justin and I have taken some time off of all electronics to focus on family time and time in prayer together so here’s one of many posts that I drafted while we were on our electronic fast:

We had a house hunting weekend last weekend and looked at quite a few homes over the course of 2 days. I can’t really say that it gave us an answer but it did help us mark off some houses that have been on our “Let’s Go see that one” list :).

We’re still praying that God would lead us to the best decision for our family now and in the future. Should be build or should we buy and fix-up or just buy…please join us in continuing to pray for the decision as time closes in on us.

Here are some pics of some of the houses we looked at, some goo and some not so good :).

very neat bathroom set-up but I couldn't get a great angle

Great older house but not quite in our price range with all the updates we would need.

Good kitchen but a bit too small for all my cooking skills 🙂

another house on a hill...this one would need some work on the wall though

picture looks good but this house's layout is crazy wierd.

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