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Just a young mom of 2 sharing her thoughts with the world.

Sickness be GONE!

So over the last month and a half I feel like one of the four of us has been sick on any given day in this house and I am DONE!

Justin and I both started it with sinus stuff and just general not-feeling-good, then Addyson got strep and was medicated and healed, a few more days went by with my cough returning and then Owen got a bad cold and cough for a miserable weekend. He finally started sleeping through the night again and not coughing all night long and Addyson started running fever so after 4 full days of fever I broke down and took her to the doc today. I am glad I did because she officially has her first ever ear infection. We’re on antibiotics and fever free so I’m praying for a healthy March-December because we’ve had enough in January and February to be good for the rest of the year!

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