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Real Marriage

Real Marraige by Mark and Grace Driscoll


Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, talk about sex and marriage in down-to-earth terms, hitting issues other Christian books won’t.

While a wonderful wedding day is important, it’s the last day of marriage that really counts. Will the last day of your marriage come prematurely through divorce? Will it be filled with regrets as you sit at the funeral of your spouse? Or, by God’s grace, will the last day be a day to rejoice in the life you lived together?

Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, want you to finish well on the last day. From the importance of date nights to answers to the most tricky “can we do that?” sex questions, they share practical help and hope with people just like them-who entered marriage a complete mess-or who are planning to be married someday and want to avoid some sticky pitfalls.

Together Pastor Mark and Grace tackle the tough issues, such as:

  • Why being your spouse’s best friend changes everything and how to achieve it.
  • Pornography and sexual sin inside and outside of marriage.
  • Submission and respect – marriage’s most misunderstood tenets-and what they should really look like.
  • Honoring your spouse emotionally, technologically, and financially.
  • What the Bible says about masturbation and oral sex.
  • The “Can we do that?” questions you’re too embarrassed to ask your pastor.
  • How to deal with intimacy issues and create the joyful and fun sex life God intended you to have.
  • What type of man or woman are you? What type of lover are you? And what type of marriage do you have?


I have truly enjoyed reading this book! I HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE (married or single, young or old).

Here are some of my favorite exerts:

The Respectful Wife:
“God created women to be helpers, which is a reflection of His character. God said, “It is inot good that man should be alone,” so He created a helper for Adam.” It is important to note that the word helper does not denigrate the wife; in fact, God is also referred to as our helper. We need each other, not so we lose our identities, but rather so we can reflect our identity in Christ to our spouses as the Holy Spirit makes us more holy….Upon marriage, a woman’s life changes as she joins her husband in his life’s course. That looks differently for me than it does for your marriage because all our husbands are unique. ”

Taking our the Trash:
“It is important to note, however, what forgiveness is not: Forgiveness is not denying, approving, or diminishing sin that is commited against us….Forgiveness is not naivety….Forgiveness is enabling sin….Forgiveness is not waiting for someone to acknowledge sin, apologize, and repent….Forgiveness is not forgetting about sin committed against us….Forgiveness is not dying emotionally and no longer feeling the pain of the transgression….Forgiveness is not a one-time event….Forgiveness is not rconciliation….Forgiveness is not neglecting justice.”

I was blown away at all the of statistics and facts regarding sex in the world today in AND out of marriage.

In conclusion, READ THIS BOOK!

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