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Spring Break

So for our official first Spring Break (with Addyson being in Kindergarten) the kids and I packed up and headed to Memphis, TN to see the Atkins grandparents & great-grandmothers.

The kids did great during the almost 9 hour trip there and we made it almost 7 hours before breaking out the dvds too! When we got to Papa and NaNa’s house the kids were wired and took forever to get to bed (or maybe it just seemed like forever to me).

The next morning we got up and NaNa fixed some yummy pancakes that the kids devoured and we settled in to watch the Memphis Tigers in the C-USA Championship game on TV. They played a good game and won!! GO TIGERS! After naptime we packed up and headed to the Memphis Zoo. Man it is awesome!! Here’s our pictures from that outing.

Papa, NaNa, Addyson and Owen getting ready to venture into the Zoo.




Owen on the Zoo Farm Train

Addyson on the Zoo Farm Train

Addyson in the painting

Getting ready to see the Pandas

Panda #1

Panda #2

NaNa, Addyson & Owen in the Northwest Passage...with Polar Bears, Seals, and Black Bears

Saturday the kids had a BLAST at the Zoo and were worn-out.

Sunday we went to Papa & NaNa’s church then on to Grandmother Atkins home for lunch!

Grandmother Atkins and the kiddos

Later that afternoon Ms. Stephanie came over to give us all haircuts. Addyson decided to make a big change.

Getting it cut short


Posing for the camera with her new haircut

Monday came and with it came the possibility of lots of rain so we decided to head out to the Mall. We shopped a bit then headed to the Carousel and Bungee Jump area to have some fun!

Getting ready to jump!

And there she goes...she's doing a FLIP

Another FLIP

Just having a blast!

And onto the Carousel

Owen finally did it! And he LOVED it, rode it twice!

Later that afternoon we had some very dear friends drop by to visit! It was SO good to see Diane, Bria and baby Aaron!!

Tuesday was a much nicer day so we made a day of it and went to TWO parks before lunch!

I'm coming Mom!

Just playing

Swinging...he loves to swing SUPER high

Yes...he is climbing all alone

And again

And again!

We had a blast in Memphis and were so glad to get the opportunity to visit with both Great-Grandmothers too!

Wednesday we headed home and man was it a trip. What should have taken max 9 hours took 13 1/2 hours. We get stuck in traffic (see picture below) before we even got to Little Rock THEN we had a blow-out tire on the other side of Little Rock and SAT for TWO hours waiting on road-side assistance to get our tire changed. But we made it home safe and that is most important, right :).

This is what I got to look at for almost 45 minutes before we even got to Little Rock thanks to construction.

SOOO thankful for technology during LONG car rides.

When we got home we rested and had fun here in Fort Worth for the rest of the week with friends.

Overall we had a great spring break. I can’t wait until next year!

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