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Battle of wills

So yesterday at the McKinney Church playground after school Owen and I had a battle (along with another little boy) of wills. Owen was upset with me for not letting him play with my keys (he’s set the alarm off many times) so he turned to stomp off and in his anger he punched the first thing that came along, a 4-year old little guy named Bourke. Bourke is a super sweet little guy who has an older brother in 1st grade, I think. Bourke is always nice to the little kids on the playground and is always has very good manners.

Well, Owen realized quickly what he had done and immediately began crying huge sad tears as Bourke stood straight up and looked down at Owen, which only made the tears get bigger and the wailing louder. I soon realized that Bourke was going to need an apology and Owen (who is usually very kind hearted and dishes out apologies willingly) was not in the mood to do so today. His tears and cries continued as Bourke continued to stand there. A few minutes later  Bourke’s mom tried to intervene but Bourke was standing his ground, waiting for his apology. Owen on the other hand was not prepared to calm down enough to do so…each time I would turn him around to face Bourke the crying and wailing would start all over again.  This went on for so long that all of the other big kids had made their way over to see what was keeping their friend Bourke from playing with them and Bourke firmly told them that this little boy had hit him and he would await an apology. This was not good news to Owen’s ears and again the crying started on a whole other level. Finally (about 20 minutes later) Owen calmed down enough to ask me if we could just go home and I replied, “No, not until you tell Bourke “I’m Sorry.””. He very quietly and strategically said and quick “I’m sorry” as Bourke was yelling a reply to a friend on the other side of the playground which only meant that he had to then say it again because Bourke had not heard him. Thankfully he was much more cooperative this go around.

In the end both Bourke’s mom and I learned just how important an apology is to little ones:). I was very impressed with Bourke’s demeanor and attitude. He was not angry or mean, he just wanted an apology for being hit by Owen for no reason at all. Thankfully he got it and all was good.

Oh the joys of being a mom to a strong-willed little dude!

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