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My new reality show intrest

So I’ve always been a bit sucked into the reality show world. If you do not feel the same, do not feel the need to keep reading :).

It all started with the Bachelor (Season 2) then moved onto Survivor (the early seasons) then I got hooked onto Keeping with the Kardashians (and all the shows that go with that family). Other reality shows that I love are: Say Yes to the Dress, Cake Boss, The Amazing Race, 19 Kids and Counting, Duck Dynasty (a very recent addition), The Deadliest Catch, and many many more.

Justin makes fun of me all the time about this habit but I only watch them alone and in my spare time (like when I’m working and they’re on in the background).

Giuliana & Bill

Well, recently I’ve recently come across a show that I truly love watching and do not in any way feel guilty about watching (as it is a great show detailing the lives of two ordinary people who work really hard at all they do), Giuliana & Bill.  I’ve absolutely been blown away at their show this season as Giuliana has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, had a lumpectomy, double mastectomy, reconstruction, and all of this while they were still trying very hard to have a baby. God has blessed them (as they say on their show) with a baby via a Gestational Carrier to be born late this summer. If you are interested or enjoy watching reality tv I highly recommend this one.

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