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One Day at a Time – May 29

So this one today really hit me as I’m preparing to lead the worship portion of our Summer Kids Camp/VBS week later in June. I hope you are reminded of true worship as you read this:

The basic meaning of worship is to kneel or prostrate oneself on the ground in recognition of the power, majesty and authority of the object of one’s worship. Worship is more than assigning worth; it’s acknowledging that worth is already there. When we worship God, we are responding to his intrinsic majesty and goodness. That was Moses’ response when God passed by, revealed his glory and proclaimed his name and attributes. God declared his compassion, grace, mercy, love, patience and faithfulness. And since he is a God of justice, he also pledged not to leave the guilty unpunished. The emphasis, though, wasn’t on the Lord’s wrath, power and judgment—but on his love. When we hear of the goodness, the greatness and the glory of God, worship is our appropriate response too. We bow before him in awe and appreciation of who he is.

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