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Summer trip #1

So I’m VERY late posting this but… the kids and I took a quick trip up to Missouri to see my mom in her element at Camp Barnabas a few weeks ago. The trip up there was great. The kids traveled SO well.

We started the drive with Chik-fil-A breakfast and Cars movie as it poured down rain for the first TWO and a HALF hours of driving. We were almost into Oklahoma before it let up. The kids did great on the trip to DeeDee’s Camp :).

We arrived and got a quick tour before we went into ‘town’ to eat at Mazzio’s (haven’t eaten at a Mazzio’s since the last time I visited mom at camp almost 7 years ago). Then headed back to see the lightening bugs before bedtime.

The next morning we woke up and Addyson got started on DeeDee’s garden. She LOVES to plant things and this was a great activity for them to do together. Uncle Isaac arrived for the day to visit and the kids loved it!

The rest of the weekend is kind of a blur of camp related activities as that week’s camp volunteers arrived and then the next afternoon the campers did as well. We got to swim in the big pool and go down the water slides (which both kids loved). We go to play in the amazing tree house (see pictures below) and the kids got to experience a few of the activities with the campers on the last night that we were there. We had a blast!

Sunday morning we woke up and packed up the car to head to Fayetteville to see MawMaw and PawPaw. The kids were very excited and didn’t like the little trip there but once we got there and got out to play at their house for a bit they were happy!

It was so good to see our family and to have fun with everyone!!

DeeDee and Owen heading down to the Creek

Owen watering the plants

“Gear Isaac” and the kids…that’s what Owen calls him 🙂

Amazing views at camp

Addyson did not squish this one but let it walk all over her…she is such a nature lover!

more of the bug

Amazing tree house at camp

Heading down from the tree house on the trail – the kids loved being outside all day

Swinging on the playground at camp

Incredible ADA accessible playground at camp

The beauty of the Ozarks!

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