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So you think you can dance – Season 9

Okay so I’m a pretty big fan of this show/competition mainly because it showcases some amazing talent and choreographers. If you haven’t ever watched it, check it out! It’s on Fox Wednesday nights at 7pm (CST). Click here to learn more but here is what I think of this season:
1. Some of the best competitors I’ve ever seen, these dancers came prepared. Many of them have trained in many different genres and therefore do above average work even in a different genre than their own.
2. The choreographers are not holding back. Even with the contestants that are not as strong of dancers, I think so far the choreographers are challenging them to step it up!
3. A new voting/ elimination format. I’m not sure I like it yet but I do like being able to see the dancers dance once more before being eliminated.

Here’s what I think of the competitors:
Alexa – I knew from the beginning that she would either be the best by far or she wouldn’t make it past the first cut and I was right…eliminated on the first night. She’s a beautiful girl and a great dancer but there’s just not a spark in her performances.
Amelia – Quirky, crazy, and AUHMAZING! She has such emotion when she dances that she makes you feel like you’re there with her in her pain or happiness.
Brandon – He’s a stepper…WHAT! He has blown me away with his dancing and his personality so far. I hate that his partner got sent home this week but I know he will rise above!
Cole – Martial Arts Fushion…again WHAT! He said this past week that he has studied other genres and it shows. Man, I think he will go far in this competition.
Daniel – BUMMED 😦 I am so sad that he got sent home this past week! I really liked him. I thought that he was doing great despite only being trained in ballet. I think his partner brought him down (just being honest).
Eliana – probably hands down my favorite girl on this season! I LOVE watching her dance and I can not believe she is classically trained in ballet. She has been so good at everything!
Janaya – honestly I don’t remember much about her which is why I wasn’t surprised that she was sent home this week.
Lindsay – WOW…probably my thrid favorite girl. She is so cute and I can’t wait to see her perform each week. I didn’t think she did that great this week but I think she’ll learn and improve.
Nick – the only ballroom male dancer that made it to the final 20 and he’s gone already. I honestly wasn’t surprised but I know they will miss him come the later weeks when they’re all needing his help with routines :).
Will – honestly, too big and awkward. I think what is saving him is his partner, Amelia. I’m just not that impressed.
Amber – not very memorable for me…don’t think she’ll last too much longer.
Audrey – SO CUTE!!! My second favorite girl! So young and so powerful on stage. I think she will go VERY far!
Chehon – Really good dancer. I can see how he is a great ballet dancer but he’s just kindof dead when he dances.
Cyrus – WOW! WHAT! WHO!! This guy has the heart of a lion and the determination of an elephant. If he keeps working hard he will go very far in this competition but I don’t think he’ll make it all the way to the end simply because it will only get more and more difficult for him to learn choreography and dance styles. I really like him though!
Darelan – I can’t get past the fact that Nigel didn’t like him the first round because of his big boat feet. He’s improving each week but I’m still not fully impressed.
George – I think he’s growing on me but I’m not sure how he’ll rank in the end.
Janelle – a belly dancer, really!! I was very skeptical but hey she’s still on there and getting better so we shall see.
Matthew – AMAZING! I think he will make it all the way!!
Tiffany – honestly I’ve not been blown away by her but I think she is a solid dancer.
Witney – pretty good ballroom dancer, great performer but just a solid okay for me.

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