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Viking Ships at Sunrise

Viking Ships at Sunrise (Magic Tree House book #15)

Official Overview:
Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic Tree House!

“Beware of Vikings!”

warns Morgan. Then Jack and Annie are whisked back to ancient Ireland. They land on a cliff on a misty island. How will they find the story they are looking for? It will take a Viking invasion, the help of a jolly monk, and a lot of courage for Jack and Annie to succeed in Viking Ships at Sunrise.

Their magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back to a monastery in medieval Ireland, where they try to retrieve a lost book while being menaced by Viking raiders.

This book was great because it started a conversation for us about all the different religions and ways of serving our God. The concept of a monk was difficult to understand but I had also checked out The Sound of Music for us to watch during a rest time this week and it was then great to give her a visual of what I was talking about with Nuns, Monks, etc.

Another success for the Magic Tree House books…next (and the timing is amazing) book Hour of the Olympics!!

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